The Things you do for Love!

This is the conclusion to The Disappearing Groom

What had he got himself into? Amanda was one adventurous woman. She had suggested a honeymoon of daring adventures. She wanted to surprise him and he had agreed to letting her. Now he wondered if he had been foolhardy in doing that, but there was no turning back now. He hadn’t had a clue as to what the adventures would be.

Now here he stood, ready to bungee jump in five minutes! He tried to tell himself not to be nervous, but the voices in his head were arguing and the nervous one was the loudest!

Amanda stood beside him holding his hand. “Isn’t this so romantic? Bungee jumping over the waterfalls! Can you imagine a more gorgeous setting?”

Mason had to agree that it was amazing scenery. The light in Amanda’s eyes were radiant, making it easier for him to smile. How lucky he was to have her as his wife. She was excited, while he was counting down the minutes, wanting it to be all over.

Meanwhile back in the town of Bittersweet Creek, the rumors flew around like a cuckoo bird. Even though the truth had been revealed, about Mason’s sudden disappearance on his wedding night, people still held onto their own theories. Hilda was certain that aliens had abducted him.

Cara saw Tippner in his regular booth. She should surprise him with his own nameplate to mark the table. “Hi Tippner! Do you want your regular?”

“Yes and add my regular 50% discount please. “

Cara raised her eyebrows, “Excuse me, a 50% discount? When did this start?”

“Mason told me right before he left for his honeymoon.”

Tippner’s face looked innocent enough, but…..Cara had her doubts.

“I think I will wait until Mason gets home. I will simply ask him, thats OK, right?

Tippner looked a little discouraged.

“Can’t pull something over your eyes can I? But go ahead, ask Mr. Sleepwalker when he returns, I have never told a lie.”

Cara laughed, “We shall see what he says, but oooh, it is going to be fun asking him if he has walked in his sleep lately.”

Amanda had been worried and totally relieved when she spotted him. They had a lot of ground and Amanda decided to walk all over it searching. Her heart caught when she stumbled upon his sleeping form. Bending down she kissed him lightly and his eyes had popped open. “Where am I?” Apparently he had been walking through the fields and then curled up on the ground and was fast asleep.

She had joked that she could start calling him “Little Boy Blue” now, she only needed to get a horn and find a haystack for him to sleep in next time.

“Ready, on the count of three you jump.”

Here goes my stomach, thought Mason.

He survived and all his body parts were still connected. Amazing! thought Mason, as he tried to catch his breath.

The rest of tne day was spent relaxing by the pool and going hang gliding. Oh, there were no words for that once in a lifetime experience and the beauty of the world below them as they glided over it.

When night came it was time for Mason’s surprise. A late night picnic under the starry sky.

Now Amanda was at a loss for words as she looked into the sky.

“Mason drew her close to him. “You brighten my life like a million stars.” They kissed and in that moment they felt like they were the only two people in the world. Ready to begin the most splendid adventure of all, traveling through their own galaxy of love. Thanks Jason for the perfect photo to help enhance the ending of my story. 🙂

45 thoughts on “The Things you do for Love!

  1. Looks like Jason has unwittingly provided the props you need, to marry off his namesake. Poor Jason. I feel sorry for him, because he’s such a good guy, who gives my namesake a 50% discount at his bakery. Tippner does the same for him, at Tippner’s bikery, by fixing Mason’s flats for free. Unless it’s Tippner’s nap time, and he feels two-tired.

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  2. I always laugh when you say “This is the conclusion …” I wonder why? Anyway … fun ‘conclusion’ but I’m deeply confused … Mason was gone long enough for the news to get back to Bittersweet Creek, Angie/Amanda was redecorating their apartment, and then they were back on their honeymoon, Mason was found, and all was well … well, except for the bungee jumping ‘n stuff. I still don’t trust this Amanda … I think there’s more to this story … and what ever happened to Tara?

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