One Moment in Time!

Painting by Stephen Mackey

Maddy was in deep concentration. Trying her best to focus, keeping her thoughts from being like jumping sheep going all different directions.

This day had taken a huge wild turn and she didn’t know what to make of it.

One moment she was admiring herself in her new full length mirror and the next moment she is the hostage of a rather large rabbit! He had walked right out of the mirror and grabbed her.

“You are taking a long time to decide. Can you hurry it up please? If you take much longer I may be late for a very important date.” The rabbit looked impatiently at Maddy.

“Girls take a lot of time to make up their mind.” Maddy replied.

The rabbit made a deep sigh. “Oh, believe me I know! I have 30 daughter’s! I was hoping the human species would be different, but it appears that I was wrong.”

“Well perhaps I could decide quicker if you would take this stupid blindfold off of me.”

“Fine! If thats what it takes.” He removed Maddy’s blindfold.

Maddy’s hand flew to her mouth. “That cake looks divine. Can I have a piece?”

“Only after you make your wish. Don’t you know anything?”

Maddy made a face at the rabbit. “I am thinking! Maybe I should wish for you to disappear.” The rabbit was silent.

Hmmm….thought Maddy, perhaps she could wish to be the fairest one of all. Nah! She wanted something more exciting. Think, Think, Think, she told herself. Maybe she should wish to fly like Peter Pan and go to Neverland?

“Daddy, Daddy!” Maddy was surprised to see two adorable bunnies hopping up to the large rabbit. The rabbit looked as shocked as Maddy.

“Toffee and Coffee, what are you doing here?”

“Mama sent us, you are late!”

The large rabbit’s complexion paled. “See the trouble you caused me! I am late for my important date!” He shouted at Maddy.

“Mama is hopping mad!” The twins said to their Daddy.

“Time is up! No wish and no cake for you.” He grabbed both cakes from the table, hoping that they would make a nice peace offering for his wife. She did take great delight in carrot cake.

He turned to Coffee and Toffee. “Quick! Lets go!” And they started running away.

“Hey! You can’t leave!” Shouted Maddy, “I don’t know where I am, how do I get home?” They ignored her and all she saw were their white tails disappearing behind a tree.

Well, now what was she supposed to do? She smacked her head on the table in frustration, she felt so confused.

Opening her eyes she saw a large full length mirror. She rubbed her eyes and looked around in shock at where she was. How did she get back home? Her clock said it was 1am!

Maddy’s foggy mind was trying to make sense of things. Then she saw it. Her play book was on her bed beside her. She must have fallen asleep in the middle of trying to memorize her lines for the Snow White play that she was in.

Maddy smiled, dreams sure can be crazy! Turning off the light she soon fell back asleep.

“You are lucky I like carrot cake! You really think I should believe your wild tale about being late because of some girl named Maddy?”

He waited with his heart thumping as she stared him down. “Its true! Its true! She couldn’t…”

“Wake up Maxwell! Wake up! You must be dreaming. You were shouting in your sleep.” Mrs. Rabbit sighed. The one night that the twins, Toffee and Coffee don’t wake her up, Maxwell does! No rest for the weary.

61 thoughts on “One Moment in Time!

  1. I really enjoyed this read. Sometimes I’ve wondered if the crazy dreams we have are caused by our spirits intermingling with those of other sleeping spirits. But I’ll take this as a warning that if a rabbit in my dreams offers me a wish and some carrot cake, I’ll make that wish quickly.

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