Chess to the Rescue … Beauty in Black Teeth … When a President Cares about Santa and more Rare facts!


I wonder if there was a strange taste to it.


I am sure he never expected that being a Chess master would save his life some day!


One can never plant too many trees.


A cover of David Bowie’s song “Space Oddities” was also recorded on it.


I had to laugh at this but also felt sorry for poor Jeremy. I did look up more info on it and you will all be glad to know that before his death in 2017 he did find a mate.


Too sweet!

28 thoughts on “Chess to the Rescue … Beauty in Black Teeth … When a President Cares about Santa and more Rare facts!

  1. I just showed my cousin how to brush his teeth with activated charcoal
    And it was the black look that first grossed him out
    But it works so good and leaves the Teeth nice and white when done and helps gum health
    Anyhow – seeing the Japanese black teeth reminded me of our charcoal here
    And how much our culture lives white teeth !
    So much so to where folks get veneers that RUIN the actual teeth! Sad !

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  2. 5. When I was a pre-med (before I dropped out), my supervisor had a horror story about trying to set the broken ribs of a woman who’d been in a car accident. Turned out, they were looking at her X-ray backwards. She had “situs inversus”, being born with all of your internal organs perfectly reversed. Otherwise harmless, it apparently occurs in about one in ten-thousand births.

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  3. How funny that black teeth were once seen as a virtue. Talk about a high-stakes game of chess! It’s sweet that President Kennedy took the time to write the little girl back.

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    • That would be quite the discovery! Reminds me of.a quote I am going to use today in my quotes post. Also makes me think of my husband’s grandma. When she was in her 80’s she complained about her wrinkles, saying they were for old people! πŸ˜‚

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