A Book Club Like No Other!

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The sweet orange tea was ready. Her door was open and ready. All Mallory needed to do was wait. The day was just beginning and she anticipated with much eagerness what it would hold for her.

“Welcome, so glad you came.”

The lady stood nervously at Mallory”s door as she looked around.

“Come on over your cup of tea is ready. “

She stayed silent as she sat down. Only giving a simple nod in response to Mallory”s questions. Her eyes kept darting from side to side. Mallory suspected that the slightest noise may have her jumping out of her seat.

Another lady stood in the doorway, her hair was a fiery red color and she was completely opposite of Mrs. Moot.

“Hi! My name is Carrie, and I am so ready for today. I need to take care of a certain annoying problem as soon as possible. You are going to tell me how, right?” Her green eyes looked directly at Mallory, who tried not to feel uncomfortable under her scrutiny.

“I am going to try my best.” Promised Mallory. “Help yourself to tea and some orange walnut muffins. ”

“No nuts for me!”

“No problem, I have plain orange muffins as well.” Mallory smiled handing it to her.

Mrs. Moot, who hadn’t said a word spoke up. “I would like some plain muffins too, please.” She immediately looked down at her tea after she spoke. Mallory wondered if she was only a naturally more reserved lady or was she extra nervous about today.

Nerves hit Mallory again, and she tried to push them down. All would go as planned, she was sure. One more lady was expected and then they could begin.

Carrie was chattering away, as Mallory tuned her in and out.

The door banged shut behind her. Miss Pauline had entered Mallory”s house. She wore a thick pair of red glasses and had chocolate brown hair.

“I am ready. I brought my list along.”

“Your list?” , inquired Mallory.

“Well yes, I want to be all prepared when the time comes. Just go down the list scratching them off.”

Mallory almost spit out her tea, glancing at the list. There had to be at least ten names!

After everyone had their fill of muffins and more refills of tea the meeting began.

Mallory handed out one hard back book to each lady.

“Welcome to a different kind of book club ladies. As you are aware we are reading “The Perfect Murder. I promise you one thing, this will be like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Your assignment is to read Chapter one, for next week. Shall we all turn to Chapter One please. Carrie, could you please read the chapter title out loud?

“The Simple Tea and muffins method”

The silence was deafening and Mallory had a wicked smile on her face, as she saw some of the color drain out of their faces. Poor Mrs.Moot looked sadly at the crumbs on her plate.

Miss Pauline sighed, thinking of how she had two cups of the delicious tea.

Mallory knew she had to speak up and put them out of their misery.

“Relax everyone, you have survived Chapter One. But, maybe only one of you will survive and make it through this whole book? Maybe this is a test of your wit, and there are challenges in each chapter. She gave them all a wink. Are you all brave enough to try? If so, sign a waiver before you leave, then have a delightful day! My next group of ladies are due soon.

38 thoughts on “A Book Club Like No Other!

  1. This is why I don’t read books very often. Book reading is dangerous. As for this book club, you can’t even feel safe reading the Cliff Notes, as you might find yourself being pushed over a high precipice.

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