Can He Fix It?

The kitchen was filled with the mouth watering smell of lobster bisque in the oven, along with au gratin potatoes and baked corn. The fresh rolls were wrapped up and covered to keep them warm.

Julie smiled, everything was turning out perfect. All she needed to do was light the candles, turn on the soft music … and Bang!

What was that? Was Eric awake and banging on the wall? She knew he had wanted to stay up and see Daddy, but it was going to be too late until he got home. There had been a big meeting at work.

After watching his Bob the Builder DVD he had seemed content. Julie had tucked him into bed after reading three stories. Bang! There it was again. Perhaps if she ignored his banging on the wall, he would go back to sleep.

She poured the wine and checked her phone and saw a text from Lee. “Running late. Will be home in a half hour.”

Sighing, she kept the oven on warm so the food wouldn’t get too cold. At least Eric wasn’t banging anymore.Β  Grabbing a book she got comfortable on the couch. Opened up the book and bang,bang,bang!

Throwing down her book she marched back to Eric’s room. Opened up the door. “You need to stop…” Words left her, as she saw the expression of pure happiness on little Eric’s face.

“Look Mommy! I am Bob the Builder! Can he fix it? Yes he can!” Bang! Eric pounded the wall again with the little hammer that Grandpa had bought him. The little hammer that Julie had meant to put away until Eric was a little older. Now sheΒ  could only stare at the dents and chipped paint on the wall, shaking her head.

“Can he fix it? Yes …” julie grabbed the hammer out of Eric’s hand before he swung again.

“Okay little Bob…you really must go to bed.”

He was rubbing his eyes. It was without complaint that he laid down. “I fixed the wall Mommy, Daddy will be proud.” His eyes closed with a smile on his lips julie kissed him on the cheek. He looked so angelic while sleeping.Β 

Twenty years later Julie was beaming at her little grandson’s birthday party. Hard to believe that Eric was all grown up with a son of his own now. It was Father’s Day and little Caleb’s fourth birthday!


“What dear?” she looked at him with a mischievous glint in her eyes. Eric had come and sat down beside her. They were watching Caleb, who was over by the swingset, open an extra special gift from Grandpa.

“Dad got him a hammer!”

34 thoughts on “Can He Fix It?

    • Thanks Clive!
      A cultural icon for sure! One of the cartoons that my son daily watched, but no, he didn’t have a hammer. πŸ˜„ Now, since I wrote the story I can’t get its theme song out of my head!

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      • My younger daughter was 7 when it started here and I remember watching it with her. We didn’t get her a hammer either! That theme song was a #1 hit single here, and they had another #1 as well. Not bad for a kids’ tv show!

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  1. Caleb had never seen Bob the Builder … but he did see the glass top coffee table, and decided to hit it with the hammer. It shattered.
    “Oh no!” shouted Julie, “Lee and I bought that for you guys for your anniversary last year.” She burst into tears.
    “Don’t worry Mom” said Eric. “Let me get you a large Scotch and ginger.”
    Caleb meanwhile had just walked around the broken glass; tripped and fell with the hammer hitting Eric’s left foot.
    “SG*&%(*X%$@!” said Eric. “I’m going to get myself a drink as well!”
    As Julie and Eric were having their drinks, they were both on their knees clearing up the broken glass. Caleb decided to help but, as he got between them, he fell to one side knocking over his Dad’s drink. His hammer dropped and broke Grandma’s glass.
    Julie looked up at Eric “You get another round of drinks, and I’ll get the vacuum!”
    Caleb was having so much with his hammer. The glass doors on the china cabinet were soon broken, and most of china was strewed in bits on the floor. Flowers were strewn over the carpet, with the remains of the vases nearby.
    After another three rounds of drinks, Julie and Eric had cleaned up all the broken glass as best they could; put the remains of the coffee table in the garage, and were relaxing on the sofa with more drinks when Julie turned to Eric.
    “Wherzch Caleb?”
    Eric just laughed rather strangely, but just at that moment, they both heard “OH NO!” coming from the bathroom.
    A few seconds later, the front door opened and Lee walked in, clearly distraught and looking rather unstable. He was almost incoherent, but did mutter something about being fired as he walked over to the drinks cabinet to get himself a large Scotch.
    “Whershthecoffytabul?” he blurted out.
    “Whereyouthinkitish?” Julie replied.
    “I know” giggled Eric “The garage is in it he! he! he!”
    Caleb then walked over to them, smelling rather like a bathroom disaster. He gave them all the biggest smile “We’re all hammered now aren’t we! This is sooooooooooo much fun. Can we do it again tomorrow?”

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