After the Storm

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The storm clouds were hovering. Dexter watched the bison from a safe distance away. If it wasn’t for the real storm clouds brewing in his life Dexter would be better able to enjoy the view.

What was he going to do? When Lester had first asked him to partner with him in business he had been thrilled. If he had only known what a bumpy ride it was going to be. He wished he could go back in time. Never would he have signed the papers, but it was too late now.

His twin brother, who he had trusted, was involved in shady business dealings. Dexter tried to get out but it was too late. He had only been a scapegoat. That was why his crooked brother had wanted him to partner with him. Dexter had taken the fall for his brother, who was now vacationing at some Swiss chalet, with money that he had transferred to a Swiss bank account.

Raindrops started to fall. Dexter better start hiking back, before got soaked. He made it back right before the storm clouds opened up. Perhaps that was a good sign? His lawyer Saul told him not to worry that he would see to it that his brother would be held accountable. Dexter wished he had half the confidence of Saul.

He stayed in the truck watching the sky throw a tantrum. The thunder roared as tears fell from the angry clouds.

It was quite the storm but fortunately the sky’s temper had subdued itself rather quickly.

Dexter laughed. He wished his three year old son’s temper tantrums would be as short. He sighed. The thought of jail devastated him for one main reason and that reason was his world. His three year old son! To not get those sticky kisses any more, or feel his pudgy, short arms around his neck. The thought was unbearable!

Saul better be as good as his ads said he was, Dexter was counting on him, and more importantly so was an adorable little boy, who needed his Daddy.

Well, no more pity party, he was going to push back his fears now and enjoy the rest of the day. The sun had come out, time to explore.

Oh, the ground was muddy now, after the rain. It was a good thing that he had bought another pair of shoes along to change into once he was finished hiking. His socks would be soaked.

Wow! All Dexter could do was stare back. How cool, the bison was looking right at him!

Now Dexter wasn’t an emotional guy usually but he felt moved by the bison and how beautiful everything was. He loved nature. The thought of not being able to enjoy nature, but to be surrounded by four walls instead was just too much and weighing him down. His eyes filled up with water.

He walked around some more trying to breathe. Maybe jail wouldn’t be so bad. He would get three meals a day and …and … he couldn’t come up with a second thing.

Dexter used to pride himself on being able to look on the bright side. But … instead he kept hearing his little boy’s voice in his head. “Daddy, look at me! Daddy come play!”

Dexter looked at his watch, he needed to get home. This evening he was taking his son out for ice cream and then they would go to the park. If his days were numbered with his little boy, they were going to be the best days possible!

When back in his truck he looked at his phone. There was a missed call from Saul. His heart dropped. Was it bad news?


“Its about time you call! Are you sitting down?”

“Yes.” Dexter felt the pressure rising in his chest.

“You are free! Your brother turned himself in. He shocked everyone by just showing up at the police station, out of the blue. That Swiss air must have done him some good! Lester claimed full responsibility, telling them of your innocence.”

Dexter couldn’t speak. Unashamed, he let the tears roll down his cheeks. Everything was going to be alright!

Three months later he visited his brother in prison. His brother was trying hard to make amends. Dexter was in shock, what had made the change in his brother? He had asked him but he always hesitated and would change the subject. Today he would try once more.

“What happened Lester? Why can’t you tell me?”

Lester looked down at the table between them.

“You won’t believe it!”

“Try me. I am used to hearing your crazy stories.” He smiled.

“Well one day I was sitting outside, at my fancy chalet and suddenly there was this cow. It was right in front of me … and around her neck she wore a silver, shiny cowbell…”

*For my new followers who haven’t met Betsy yet, she is an extra special cow. She shows up at unexpected times in my stories due to her magical cow bell. And sometimes the magical cow bell shows up without her. When there is trouble, Betsy does her best to fix things. The magical cow bell can whisk people away just by ringing it three times.*

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