Moment in Time

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Staring at the clock Janessa let her mind wander. All her life she had lived in tbis small town. As a little girl she would stare at the clock in awe. When it chimed on the hour her face would light up with the brightest of smiles. It must be a magical clock, she had thought.

Then she grew up. Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy all lost their magic appeal. But there was something about the old town clock that continued to speak magic to her.

Janessa remembered fondly the night of the Spring Dance long ago. She was wearing a yellow dress, that came just a little bit above her knee. It swirled around when Asher spun her. She turned, turned, turned, as they danced the night away. The chimes rang out when Asher leaned in and kissed her “sweet sixteen” lips.

That summer of 69′, they spent many night’s fishing in the dark, waiting for the final chime. The midnight hour. Walking at midnight, holding hands, one could feel the magic around them.

“Do you believe in magic?” She once asked Asher, when they were sitting under the swaying pines.

“Every day when I meet you at our tree I get to kiss an angel good morning. Do I believe in magic? Oh yes, you can absolutely bet that I do.”

Janessa felt her body flood with warmth as she recalled the precious memories. Feeling eager to make so many more.

Tomorrow the chimes would ring out once more, like every day before. But right now, at this very moment in time, Janessa was enjoying the sound of silence, no ringing of the chimes.

The night was still and the air was filled with magic. Janessa’s heart was full. This moment in time would not be forgotten. For an instant she believed in the magic of fairies. Perhaps they were flying through the air sprinkling fairy dust all around.

For tomorrow she would be standing on a mountain of love with the love of her life. Janessa knew that tomorrow her life would be forever changed. Forever changed, thanks to one special moment in time. Her wedding day, where she and Asher would be united as one.

105 thoughts on “Moment in Time

  1. That clock looks rather like Big Ben so, considering she is sitting at a level not much below Big Ben’s face … I must conclude that she is living perhaps on the 12th floor of an apartment building, and the “small town” you refer to is London, England?

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  2. As Janessa reposed in reverie, contemplating her wedding with Asher, she leaned back, forgetting there was a lit candle behind her. A portion of her flimsy nightgown nestled into the candle opening and combusted.

    Soon, Janessa was a ball of flame, scurrying hither and thither about her room, attempting to extinguish the blazing fire that engulfed her body. As she scurried, flames jumped from nightgown to bedspread, then from bedspread to wallpaper, and before she knew it, her entire apartment was ablaze.

    Janessa jumped into the shower and put out her nightgown, then ducked through the flames and escaped out the front door in a state of extreme dishabille. She fled downstairs and out into the dark, then stood beside Big Ben and watched her apartment building collapse into a heap of sparkling cinders.

    But the flames spread to a neighboring building, and then to other buildings. And before she knew it, even Big Ben was consumed by fire, and then the entire city of London was burning in the conflagration that she started.

    When this great fire was finally put out, nothing remained of London but ashes. And as Janessa surveyed the black and grey powdered ruins for miles around, all she could think of was . . . Asher.

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