Tuesday’s Thoughts

What are you thankful for today? Right now I am thankful for our shade tree, which I am sitting under. We planted the tree 17 years ago when we moved here and oh, how it has grown. Just takes time, as do a lot of things, and when they grow they are beautiful.

Hope the following quotes bring a smile and here is a cute picture to start things off. How can one not smile when looking at a monkey.











54 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts

    • Yes, that one was also a favorite of mine. That one for its deepness and the smiling Pooh Bear one. I am always up for lunch and how can one not smile at Pooh Bear. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Number 4 almost got cut to make room for another one, but I decided I liked it too much. Glad I did. โ˜บ
      And there was just something about Number 7 that made me think. Glad it toiched you and that you look forward to these posts. I am happy to put some joy into Tuesday’s.


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