The Magic Pill for Flowers … Secret of Mt.Rushmore … 15 foot penguins and other facts!


I don’t remember learning about this fact in school!


But I thought all bunnies were sweet and innocent.


Good for her. That would have been scary.


Can’t say I have ever succeeded in pulling off a 10 year prank. LOL! Wonder what even gave him the ides.


I am sure I will probably regret posting this but … I couldn’t resist! Laughter is the best medicine. It was documented in a British research journal.


36 thoughts on “The Magic Pill for Flowers … Secret of Mt.Rushmore … 15 foot penguins and other facts!

  1. Nellie Bly sounds like an amazing woman! And what a hard thing to do – challenge a system and expose things – and it is hard at any day and age !

    Also – Mt Rushmore has so many crazy little tidbits

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  2. Also / not sure about the research with the flowers (like was the capsule also dissolved and maybe that gelatin helped feed the flower)
    But I do know a great recipe for keeping fresh flowers extended
    Clean the water every three days (or two) and pull out any dead or slimy stems
    And here is the special part- add a big pinch of sugar and drop or two of bleach!

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    • Yes, I usually don’t post the “facts ” that I find questionable, but this one made me laugh. The article did mention about the gelatin helping.
      Thanks for the tip about keeping flowers fresh. That is one tip that I can do. 🙂

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  3. Joy, I love two complimentary stories whose moral is beware of aggressive rabbit hordes, especially if you are short in stature AND watch out for monster penguins. Would it not be funny to see a waddling ten foot penguin coming at you. I think you could out run it, but you might pee in your pants laughing. Keith

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  4. We were at Mt. Rushmore a couple of years ago. While we were there, I got an unusual profile shot in which George Washington’s face is the only one you can see.


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