Pierre’s Great Adventure

Photo by Jason Frels

Pierre popped his head out looking around. He had traveled underground a long way and now he was ready for an adventure.

Hmm…didn’t look too different from his home.  Had he been traveling in a circle this whole time?

“Hey Pierre, what are you looking at?”

Turning his head he saw Diego. He groaned. His fears were true, he had somehow managed to travel in a big circle. So much for the stupid compass. Kia had said it would help him. He should have known better. Kia was a girl, what did she know?

“Oh great adventurer, I see that you don’t know how to read a compass very well. I thought you were headed far, far away.” The others joined Kia in their laughter.

Pierre made a Pfftttt sound at all of them and burrowed back down in his hole. He turned around and headed straight,  he would show them. They would all wonder why he didn’t show up tonight for the races. Meanwhile he would be long gone, beginning his adventure. 

Yes, he was making progress. No circles anymore! This place looked totally different. Where was he?

What was red and round? He was surrounded by many small red, round things. Looking behind him he saw some long orange things poking up from the ground.

Suddenly he felt the vibrations coming from the ground. What was causing the ….Whoa! What was that? Perhaps going on an adventure wasn’t such a good idea. Some humongous creature was walking around. It was black and white and Pierre knew he would be a goner if it stepped on him! Quickly he ducked back into his hole.

Old man Fuzzywhistle was sitting on his back porch when he spotted Pierre. “Look guys! Its a prairie dog, in my vegetable garden!”

Tippner and Mason looked and didn’t see a thing. Then they looked at each other and nodded in simple agreement. Old Man Fuzzywhistle may be starting to lose it. After all, he was getting old, not a spring chicken anymote.

“Ummm….what are you drinking?”

Fuzzywhistle gave Tippner a strange glance. “I am only drinking tea, why? There really was a prairie dog. I know what I saw and I am not leaving until I see it again. You sll think I sm crazy don’t you?”

“Don’t look at me, it was Mason who whispered something about you taking a trip to the funny farm.

“Is that so??” Fuzzywhistle glared at Mason. “Perhaps I will just forget to pay my bill next time I come to your coffee shop.”

While Mason was trying to dig himself out of a hole with old man Fuzzywhistle Tippner started whistling and stopped abruptly. “Guys look, look!!”

This time they all looked in time and they saw Pierre!

“Wow! Since when do we have prairie dogs around here? The cute little fella must be lost.” said Mason.

They all noticed Betsy staring at it intently and soon Pierre was diving back into his hole.

Bard came walking around the corner of the house. “Hi guys! Are you all ready to go golfing?”

“Sure, we were just watching Fuzzywhistle’s new pet. A prairie dog!”

Bard almost choked on the water he was drinking.  “A prairie dog??? Here?? Mason did you serve everyone some of Cara’s sweet coffee?  All that sugar probably has you guys hallucinating. Just wait until…Whoa it really is a prairie dog!”

They all wore smug expressions as they looked at Bard. “Told you so!”

Betsy started walking towards it and this time Pierre stayed above the ground. Was he frozen with fright? He wasn’t moving and Betsy kept getting closer.

“You don’t really think Betsy would step on it, do you?”

“Not my sweet, mild mannered Betsy.” Fuzzywhistle replied.

Mason spit out his coffee. Old man Fuzzywhistle obviously didn’t know all there was to know about Betsy.

“Well now look at that?”

Betsy had leaned her head down really low and it looked like she and the prairie dog were having a chat!

“Are you lost little one?” Betsy asked.

“No,  I am adventuring, but, but…you are really big, what are you? You aren’t going to hurt me are you? My 16 brothers and sisters would be upset.”

Betsy smiled, “I will not hurt you. Sooo you want an adventure? How would you like a ride?”

Pierre got excited. ” Yes, please” His mama would be proud that he remembered to use his manners by saying “please.”

Betsy laid down and told him to crawl onto her back. Then she slowly rose to her feet. Wow! Pierre had never felt so tall! This was fun. Betsy walked slowly around the pasture with him and answered his questions about tomato, carrots and the three odd men on the porch.

“They are crazy, but harmless.”

“I think I saw the one guy before. There is something about him that stands out to me.” Pierre thought for a bit. “I got it! Its his hair. I never saw such thick, wavy hair before. I think he came to my home one time. I know I remember that hair.”

Betsy snorted. “Everyone comments on his hair, especially the ladies. I personally don’t see what is so great about his hair. ”

Pierre agreed. “Humans are strange.”

Betsy introduced him to the lambs and to Jenny, the donkey. Pierre was having the time of his life, but then he figured he better get home. Didn’t want to worry his mom too much. Thanking Betsy and bidding goodbye to all his friends he jumped back down into his hole.

When he got home, everyone was glad to see him and he regaled them with his stories. He was the center of attention which made Kia upset, and Pierre couldn’t help but be glad.

Back at the farm the guys decided that what happened at the farm would stay at the farm. It had been quite the afternoon watching Betsy parade around the meadow with a praire dog on her back. They all drank pkenty of strong black coffee afterwards.

73 thoughts on “Pierre’s Great Adventure

  1. Betsy may have a different opinion of Pierre after she steps in a prairie dog hole and twists an ankle. And I think Pierre will be back to do some grocery shopping, now that he’s discovered old man Fuzzywhistle’s garden. But maybe Fuzzywhistle will be waiting for him, while sitting in a lounge chair by his hole, holding a shotgun.

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