Lucy’s Wishes

Painting by Tom Sierak – Pinterest

Daylight was beginning to fade, but Lucy was in no hurry to leave. This was one of her favorite places to come sit as she dipped her feet in the cool water. It was peaceful here, watching the ducks swim across the lake. Hearing nothing but the sounds of nature. Soothing to the soul and refreshing to the spirit. Yes, by the water, the perfect place to be.

What was that? Lucy bent her head down closer to get a better look, though at the same time being careful not to fall in. There were bubbles rising up from the water. What was making the bubbles? Instinctively Lucy pulled her feet up and scooted back some as she kept her eye on the bubbles.

“HI! My name is Sir Sergio the 4th, at your service, who are you, fair maiden?”

Lucy screamed and jumped to her feet. Speechless, she stared at the thing that had just popped its head out of the water.

“No need to be afraid, I am harmless. This is your lucky day!”

Still feeling scared out of her skin, she timidly said,”What are you and why are you in the lake??”

The thing smiled, “I am Sir Sergio. Didn’t I already tell you that? So what is your wish?”

“My, my wish…?”

“Yes, I am the magic water genie!”

Lucy was feeling so confused, though not quite as scared anymore. But she had never seen something that looked so weird before! It was like a huge grayish color blob with eyes that weren’t blue or brown but a strange purplish green color. Why she didn’t run, she didn’t know. Its like she was enraptured by it. “A magic genie, you are not trapped inside a lamp, how can you be a magic genie?”

“I told you I am the magic water genie! Make three wishes, I grant them and POOF! I turn into a handsome Prince.

“I thought only bullfrogs turned into handsome prince’s. That’s what all the fairy tales say.”

“You can’t believe every fairytale you read, you know.”

Lucy didn’t know what to think anymore, except that perhaps she should really head for home. But three wishes? What if it really did have that power? What if she missed her chance at wishing for anything she ever wanted and having the wishes come true!

“So I tell you three wishes and you make them come true and then POOF! You are a handsome Prince?”

“That’s right, you have nothing to lose!” It smiled, and oooh its smile looked half friendly and half mischievous.

Lucy thought for a little bit. This so called water genie may be a doofus, but he was right, what did she have to lose?”

“Okay, Sir Sergio the fourth, I am going to take my chances. I will come back tomorrow with my wishes. A lady needs time to think and ponder. I want to make sure I pick the best three wishes. Will you be here tomorrow?”

Sir Sergio gave his half creepy smile again and promised to be back at six o’clock tomorrow. “But please, please do come back. I have been in this lake for 20 years and I am longing to be a Prince!” His purplish green eyes looked at her in hopeful expectation.

“I will return, I promise.”

She watched him go back under the water and swim away and walked back home slowly. One moment she was pondering what to wish for and the next she was pondering her sanity.

Later that night she laid awake, staring at the ceiling, not able to sleep. It would be divine to be with a handsome Prince, she was quite lonely all by herself, but this was real life not a fairytale! Or was it? She had held a conversation with a strange blob like creature who called himself a water genie. If her mom knew she would be here first thing in the morning to doctor Lucy up, thinking she must have surely lost her mind. Probably force all kinds of homemade remedies on her plus castor oil, for according to her mom castor oil cured everything!

By noon time the next day Lucy had made up her mind and she was anxiously waiting for it to be six o’clock.

She was on the dock 15 minutes early, sitting with her feet in the water, waiting with anticipation. Would Sir Sergio really return or had she been in some kind of weird trance yesterday?

At six o’clock on the dot she saw the bubbles forming and POP! He sprang up out of the water!

His eyes bulged when he saw her which grossed out Lucy a little. Oooh he better turn into a handsome Prince.

“I am so glad you returned. Do you have three wishes for me, fair maiden?” There was a bright gleam in his eyes, giving Lucy a funny feeling, which she tried to ignore.

“I do. For my first wish I would like a castle right near this lake.”

POOF! Lucy shouted in glee seeing a castle appear right in front of the lake. It was the most splendid castle she had ever seen.

Now she was excited, this was really happening! Clapping her hands together she said, “For the second wish I would like to have a maid for the castle.”

POOF! A lady was standing in front of the castle with a mop bucket in one hand and a mop in the other. Oh, Lucy could not believe this. What a charmed life she was going to lead!”

Sir Sergio spoke up, “Think very carefully fair maiden, for you only have one more wish.”

Lucy felt so giddy, soon she would be living in a castle with her own maid. “OH its easy, every castle needs its own cook!” She dreamed of how she would enjoy sunning by the lake and going back to the castle for a gourmet meal. The charmed life for sure!

“As you wish!” POOF! Sure enough, the water genie kept his word, a man with a chef’s hat stood by the maid. So perfect. Lucy caught her breath. In her excitement she started running for the castle.

“Stop! Come back, fair maiden, I have something to tell you.” Lucy stopped in her tracks. Did he have more surprises for her? Why yes,how could she have forgotten? He was supposed to turn into a Prince.

She ran back to him still bobbing in the water. “How can I thank you! This is amazing, you are amazing! So are you going to turn into…” POOF!

Lucy stopped mid sentence, stunned! She was staring into the eyes of the most handsome man No purplish green eyes, but bright sparkling blue eyes, smiling back at her!

“Wow!” That was all she could say.

Sir Sergio spoke up to tongue tied Lucy. “Well, it looks like I have you to thank! I made out better than I ever imagined! Thank you so much for the castle, and my own maid and chef. I do feel like a handsome prince.”

Lucy’s smile turned into a frown, “Wait… what.. what do you mean? That is my castle, and my maid!”

The Prince gave her a condescending smile. “Sorry lass, its all mine! You never read the fine print.”

“Fine print? You never gave me anything to read!”

“Oops! I guess i didn’t, well you know you never should trust a water genie.”

Poor Lucy was about in tears, “You said I could make three wishes and you would grant them.”

“Exactly, but I never said they would be for you. That’s the difference between a water genie and the magic lamp genie. Go look for a magic lamp, I am off to enjoy MY castle. Farewell!” and with a smirk, and echoing laughter he walked away.

32 thoughts on “Lucy’s Wishes

  1. OH … such cruelty!!! But then again, Lucy was a bit on the greedy side with her wishes, don’t you think? I mean … she could have wished for an end to world hunger, or a cure for cancer, or … for all the nuclear weapons in the world to suddenly melt and turn into spinach! But no, she asked for a bloomin’ castle! And my friend … “purplish green eyes”??? There is no such colour as purplish-green!!! I’ve been sitting her for 10 minutes trying to picture purplish green and it simply doesn’t compute! So, now there must be a sequel … something must go horribly wrong for Sergio to repay him for his cruelty and greed, yes?

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  2. Reminds me of:

    An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman took a boat out to do some ocean fishing… and a storm blew up. The waves got bigger and bigger, and the boat stated rocking dangerously to the point where capsizing was a real possibility … when there suddenly appeared on deck, a cloud of green smoke! The smoke quickly dissipated and there stood a genie.

    The genie looked at each of them in turn, and said “You three are in a bit of a mess here, but I am here to help you. I can grant you one wish each, but you only get one wish so think it through carefully.”

    The Englishman looked at the genie. “If you would be so kind … I would love to be home in my cottage, and just sitting in my garden.” There was a puff of smoke and the Englishman disappeared. He suddenly found himself in his back garden with a cup of tea in his hand. He smiled, and thought “Thank you Genie.”.

    The Scotsman then said “Well Genie. Right now I’d love to be with my pals at the McTavish pub just down the road from where I live. Puff! He was surrounded by family and friends and all were having a great time!

    The genie turned to the Irishman and said “Well …. the Englishman is home in his garden, and the Scotsman is partying at his local pub. What is your wish?”

    The Irishman looked thoughtful for a few seconds and then, looked directly at the genie. “Well genie,” he said, “I have given this some serious thought and I really miss those guys, so my wish is to have them back here with me so we can all be together again.”


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