Caught! Nowhere to Run!

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This is the conclusion to When the Past and Present Collide!

A black capped chickadee was at the bird feeder. That had been one of the first birds that Darcy Rose had learned to identify. She had grown up with a love for birds, thanks to ber parent’s.

Right now though Darcy wasn’t really concentrating on the birds and was pretty confident that neither were her mom and dad.

Her mom was frantic with worry about the plan and what could go wrong.

Last night Patrick, the FBI agent, went over the plan in great detal. He tried hard to assauge her mom’s fears but hard to do that with Mama Bears! Now in an hour he would be here again. But this time it would be to pick up Darcy Rose. The time for action would soon begin.

“So are you sure you are ready? You don’t have to do this, they can think of another plan.” Darcy’s dad put his arm around her shoulder and drew her close, his grip was tight.

“Dad you know this is the best way to catch the skumbag and the other ones connected with him. He will be caught red handed. I will be ok.”

David kissed his daughter on her forehead, too choked up for words. They all sat there hand in hand on the large porch swing.

The car door slammed, he was here, it was time.

Patrick greeted them but not much else was said. Everyone’s nerves were on edge.

Things had heen fine and dandy hefore, and then … one moment had changed everything How could Tamara have betrayed her? Darcy had thought she was an innocent, sweet Grandma but that proved wrong. Though her sweetness did win out in the end! At least hopefully it would continue.

“Are you ready Darcy, we have to go.”

She looked at Patrick standing so tall. If her life was in danger, she at least had one tremendously handsome bodyguard.

“Lets roll!”

Darcy knew she had to make the goodbyes quick. Her mom trembled in her arms.

“I promise you both .. I will take full responsibility if anything happens to your daughter. I will protect her. You have my word.” Patrick put out his hand and Darcy’s Dad shook it while staring directly into Patrick’s eyes.

“For your sake, you better be right!”

Wow! Was her dad actually threatening an FBI agent? She had rarely seen such a cold look in her father’s eyes. Patrick didn’t look unfazed by her Dad’s words. He just turned towards Darcy and said, “We have to leave.”

On the way to the hotel Darcy started to get nervous. Her hands were sweaty. Patrick looked at her. “I promise we won’t be far away. You can do this! Help us put this creep away and throw away the key.”

Nan was at the hotel. She looked scared and half sick when Darcy got out of the car. When they all got into the room Nan spoke. ” I am sooo sorry Darcy, I was out of my mind to have called him!! So glad I came to my senses and called the police.”

“You both are brave and the FBI is so thankful for your help. Now Nan get outside, he will be here soon.”

Darcy met her eyes and slowly nodded her head, acknowledging her apology as Nan walked out the door.

Patrick tied Darcy’s hands behind her back and put duck tape on her mouth.”Do you have any questions?” Patrick asked. Darcy shot him a look. Patrick put bis hands up, “Sorry, just trying to bring a little smile. I know this is scary, and I am sorry.”

The tender look in his eyes helped Darcy’s heart stop hammering momentairly. This was really happening! Too soon she was left all alone sitting on the bed, waiting. The stale cigarette smoke from whoever had been here last was giving her a headache. She tried to think of something pleasant, but it was too hard.

The doorknob turned, the lump in Darcy’s throat grew 3x larger. Soon she was staring into the dark eyes of evil.

“Helllooo there! Nan didn’t exaggerate about your beauty. You will surely bring one grand price.” He gently rubbed his hand on her thigh. She kicked him hard under his chin and he fell backwards on the floor. All her karate classes had come in handy.

He stood up rubbing his chin. “Not a smart move missy..” He grabbed her face as the door opened.

“Get yout grubby hands off of my merchandise. I have the money for you, she is all mine!” The new guy shoved the money into the other guy’s pocket.

“Now leave us alone. I want to get to know this special lady.” Darcy’s stomach churned at the way he looked at her.

“Hands Up! Police!” The two grungy men turned around in total shock! Patrick and three other policeman were standing there with guns drawn.Tears sprang to Darcy’s eyes. It was over!

Patrick and Darcy watched the police leave. “Thanks again for helping us! I know that was so hard but at least you got one strong kick in! Poor guy was complaining the whole time we were reading him his rights.”

Darcy smiled. “Ahh! It worked. I got a smile.” said Patrick. “Now I have a special surprise for you. Your mom and dad are waiting for us to meet them.”

“What, where??”

Patrick smiled, “You will see, sit back and relax! You have nothing to worry about anymore.”

Two hours later Patrick pulled up to the dock. Darcy had fallen asleep on the ride from all the earlier stress.

She rubbed her eyes, waking up. “The sea? You brought me to the sea. I LOVE the sea, my favorite place to come to find peace. Thank you!” Darcy’s face lit up.

“Thats not all. Some little birdie told me you have always wanted to go deep sea diving and I just happen to be a deep sea diver.”


“Yes, we FBI people are full of surprises. Are you ready for your first dive?”

Darcy heart was beating fast once more, but this time with anticipation! Who knew what amazing things she would find under the sea. Life sure was full of adventure. The good, the bad and the ugly. She had enough of the bad to last her a long time.

“Lets GO!” There were fish of all kinds and sea turtles to find. Her parentโ€™s were running towards her and enveloped her in a big hug. Life was made up of many moments and right now, at this very moment Life was Good!

17 thoughts on “Caught! Nowhere to Run!

  1. Delightful ending and wow – Joyroses, you sure brought us on a huge up and down with the opening nature (but identifying ) and then the (rather violent) catching the bad guys scene-
    To then bring us back to nature with the sea!
    And side note –
    I am amazed at how many folks know how to dive so the agent with diving skills felt realistic

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Somehow I missed this in my reader. Either that, or WP is slow to bring posts up.

    But I think Darcy and Patrick are going to have a fling. They may decide to play the tying-up game again, and who knows what else. Those FBI agents can be full of surprises.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I rarely let you get by without pushing for “just one more installment” but this time it’s good. I’m a bit confused as to who the second man was, but never mind … the story had a beautiful fairy-tale ending and it left me smiling on a day when I thought I had run out of smiles. Hugs, dear Carolyn.

    Liked by 1 person

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