Escape plans that worked … Unique Pigeon … Music and Relationships, and Other Facts!


That is one helpful wife and a creative thinking convict.


Hmmm…..I think this guy went a little extreme to try and prove a point. Especially after 7 years!


I do come across some strange facts, and this one I just can’t wrap my mind around. So are parent’s excluded from this, for as many times as I was awakened due to my babies crying, my toddlers wanting a drink , having a bad dream, losing their stuffed toy, ….


Good for him! I guess math can come in handy sometimes.


What a pretty pigeon!


This goes so well with Friday’s post that I couldn’t pass it up.Though Brad now says I should listen to his Rock music with him because of this Fact. NOT going to happen. We have Blackmore’s Night music that we can bond over.

55 thoughts on “Escape plans that worked … Unique Pigeon … Music and Relationships, and Other Facts!

  1. Interesting fact about music and communication. My wife and I have far different musical tastes. She is a diehard country fan, and I still love rock from just about any era. I have to admit I like many country songs today as the genre has changed from the old twangy sound of the past. I think my wife and me generally communicate very well.

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    • My husband has a lot more varied musical taste than I do., but we do agree on more than just Blackmore’s Night, that is just a favorite of ours. 🙂 I can handle Country better than he can.
      How they figured out that it helps with communication I don’t know. Perhaps its because if you don’t like the music your spouse is listening to then they are wearing earbuds and can’t hear you. Like my husband when listening to his rock.. LOL!

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    • Congrats on 45 years!! LOL about his record collection. Sounds like my hubby and his CD collection! Its HUGE, and I will say I have thanked him as well for introducing me to a lot of different music. 🙂

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