Friday’s Extra Special Super Short Stories!

Summer got impatient … Shoving Spring out of the way …. Shining bright with temps in the 90’s!

Hiking with hubby … “Look at that!” he says, expecting to see a beautiful bird, I look … NOT a bird that I see, but a beady eyed snake!

Didn’t write a fairytale last night … Lived one instead …! 

Some of you may remember me talking about the 19th of May and how my husband said he had a surprise for me. I was sooo curious, but it was well worth the suspense! We had a relaxing day of hiking, visiting some shops and eating at a Bhutanese/Nepalese restaurant. Food was delicious! After supper we drove to the “main event!” which I was still dying of curiosity about. When we got to the theater I thought we were seeing a play. I was wracking my brain about what play I really wanted to see, for he had told me that I would LOVE the surprise! My jaw literally dropped when he gave me my ticket and I saw it was a concert ticket for Blackmore’s NIght!!! We have both come to really love this band, but never dreamed that we would get to see them live. To say that he shocked me speechless is an understatement! They are a European band and just sooo good!! I could have sat at the concert all night, the smile never left my face. Like I said, it felt like a fairytale. Here are some of their songs and I know everyone has different taste so maybe they aren’t your style, or maybe I introduced you to a new kind of music. Enjoy! 

And just one more. They ended with this one. 

76 thoughts on “Friday’s Extra Special Super Short Stories!

  1. That sounds like a fantastic end to a wonderful day. I love Blackmore’s Night and have played some of their Christmas carols during the Advent Calendar I do on my blog in December. They are English – we claim them as our own! It’s a far cry from Ritchie Blackmore’s rock god days, and Candice Night has such a beautiful, expressive voice. Sadly, the last video didn’t play here – no doubt another record company gremlin at work!

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    • Do you have favorite CD’s of theirs? You claim them with pride I am sure! They need to catch on here in the States so there can be more concerts! LOL! I am just thankful that they chose Pennsylvania as a state to visit!!
      Ritchie has great humor, which we found out last night. They would banter in between the songs. Yes, both so talented and I am glad Ritchie made a switch from his rock and roll days. 🙂
      We want to get the Christmas album this year. Sorry the last video didn’t work for you, those gremlins keep busy!

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      • It was a bit cheeky of me to claim them as whist Ritchie is English Candice is American. They have developed their career across Europe, though, and play a lot of castle tours in places like Germany. They aren’t that big here either, which is a shame. Asking me to choose a favourite album is a bit like choosing a favourite child – sorry, I just can’t do it! I was pleased to see them return with a new album last year, though – Nature’s Light – and it is very good. They also did a remastered and expanded version of their Winter Carols album: it now has 27 tracks so make sure you get that version!

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        • We had thought they were both English but could tell that Candice didn’t have the accent that Ritchie has, so that makes sense now. Germany was where they were headed!
          LOL! Yes that best album was a trick question, for I have a hard time choosing as well. Village Lantern was one of the very first songs I heard by them so that is one of my favorites. Windmills was the first song I heard.
          Brad saw that about the Christmas album so we are glad we waited to get it. 🙂

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  2. Sounds like you had a great time. I hope you were thinking about my my mother while you were hiking, and eating that exotic food, and watching the concert. Wait until I tell her about this. She will feel so honored.

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  3. I had never heard of the band, but I listened to a couple of their songs. They have an excellent sound, and they’ve been making music for a long time.


    • Very welcome. Always glad to share good music. I wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t heard of them before, as they aren’t well known around here. I hope you all enjoy the songs!


      • Joy, again thanks for sharing. I learned that Ritchie Blackmore, the lead guitarist for Deep Purple, is the other founding member. There is a YouTube video of Candice singing Blackmore and David Coverdale’s “Soldier of Fortune.” Watching Blackmore on the acoustic lead-in is marvelous. Thanks again. Keith

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        • You are so welcome! I should have mentioned about Ritchie Blackmore, wasn’t thinking about people knowing about Deep Purple.
          She sang Soldier of Fortune there. Beautiful song and yes Blackmore is marvelous.🙂 and he is funny too! He was cracking us up in between songs.


          • Joy, I am a huge Deep Purple fan. After typing my response today, “Hush” came on the radio. “My woman’s from Tokyo” is another favorite. “Lazy” is not heard much, but is fantastic. “Strange kind of woman” gets replayed a lot on my CD. It is funny, their biggest hit (“Smoke on the Water”) played by every high school band is the easiest guitar lick Blackmore ever played. Thanks again, Keith

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            • My husband was agreeing with all the songs you mentioned. He was into Deep Purple and Rainbow. He is more the rock person than me, so it was really cool to find Blackmore’s Night, music that we both love! 🙂


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