Almost Perfect

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Everything was ready. It was perfect. How could Savannah not be impressed? Surely he would have her eating out of his hand before the night was over. There was a lot of money riding on this business deal, he couldn’t blow it.

His cell phone rang. Pierre looked who it was and inwardly groaned.


“Is everything ready? I am guaranteed a sale tonight, correct?”

“Yes Sir, you can count on me.”

“I certainly hope so. We don’t need a repeat of the Fowler Fiasco.”

Pierre gritted his teeth together. His boss always brought that up. One bad deal and no one forgets it! He would show them. This time was going to be different!

He looked at his watch. “I have to go she will be here any moment. Will call you when its over.”

“Make sure you do! Goodbye!”

Shaking his head he put the phone in his pocket. His boss obviously wasn’t skilled at giving pep talks.

He went downstairs to wait for Savannah. It wasn’t long before he heard the knock on the door. She was punctual.

“Welcome! Come in!”

Savannah looked around. “Not bad. I can tell though that my interior decorator didn’t work for you.”

Pierre bit his tongue. He liked his bachelor pad, who was she to criticize it? He regained his composure and reminded himself that he needed this deal, as he smiled at Savannah.

“I am sure your interior designer is the best around.”

Pierre thought to himself, “If you like modern art, that is.” But he simply smiled, it would be best not to open his mouth.

“If you would like to follow me upstairs I believe you will like what you see.”

“Lead the way.” Savannah teplied. “But wait we aren’t going out on the roof are we? My hair cannot get wet! What if it was to rain, I just came from the salon.”

Pierre felt a knot growing in his stomach. ” Well, you are in luck, there is no rain tonight. It is a calm, clear sky. ”

“Here we are. Sit back and get comfortable.”

His heart filled with hope at the look on her face. He nailed it!

“What an amazing view of the Hot Air balloons. ” Her smile was big and she had a dreamy look of contentment on her face. Pierre started to relax, things were going to work out perfectly.

He explained all about the business deal that he wanted her to invest in. The whole time he talked she kept the dreamy look in her eyes, as she kept looking at the sky.

It was almost like she was in a trance, she kept saying “Beautiful, so beautiful” every so often. Pierre almost wondered if she was really listening.

When he gave her a chance for questions he didn’t have to worry anymore. She had been listening. Her questions proved that and that she wasn’t just a pretty face, she was astute.

He had it in the bag. Feeling so proud that he was able to answer every question and that the answers appeared to meet her approval. Once he finished there was only one thing left to do. Have her sign the contract.

Pulling out the paper he was already savoring the sweet taste of victory. Just a signature away!

“Thank you Ma”am. It will be a pleasure working with you.” Pierre put out his hand and she shook it. They got the contract, he couldn’t wait to call his boss.

A loud clap of thunder startled them and made the cups on the table shake.

“I guess its time to go inside.” He started walking to the door and Savannah was right behind him when the thunder roared.

He turned the doorknob. It didn’t turn! Oh No! His stomach fell, he had accidentally locked the door. “Umm…we are locked out” What was he to say and do?

The first rain drop fell, then the second and third and soon they were falling hard, impossible to count! Savannah’s look of contentment had gone away. Now there was a firm line upon her face and it wasn’t curved into a smile.

Pierre wanted to disappear. His wife wouldn’t be home for another half hour She was the only one who could unlock the door. The rain got harder.

Along with the pelting rain was the sound of Savannah’s ire and yelling about her hair.

Pierre knew he could kiss the sale goodbye. Finally his wife came, and unblocked the door. Savannah didn’t say a word, as she headed back inside with her dripping hair.

When they got inside she asked for the contract. Pierre almost groaned out loud. How could he have been such a doofus, letting them get locked out. He gave her the contract. She looked at it and handed it back.

“Thank you.” And she walked out the door! She hadn’t torn it up! He really had made a sale. She wasn’t as stuck up as he had thought. Oh, how great it felt to be wrong. He had to call his boss.

Two days later Pierre got his mail. Something from Savannah’s personal home address? Pierre stood a little taller, he must have really made an impression. Perhaps it was his own black, luxurious hair.

He opened it up. There was one slip of paper inside. He gulped. Amount owed for ruined hair due to rain: It was the receipt from her trip to the most upscale salon in town.

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