Patching the Pieces

This is the continuing story to last week’s post,Through the Eyes of a Photo

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They were sitting in the coffee shop across the street. Darcy Rose was enjoying her cookie crumble frappe Her bestie, Melissa, had a white chocolate latte. She was slowly sipping it as she stared bug eyed, listening to Natalie tell her story.

Natalie, who Melissa had known since she was five years old. They were best friends! Now everything seemed upside down, as Natalie sat across from her telling her that her real name was Darcy Rose!

“And that pretty much is my story… at least what I know. As you can tell there are a lot of holes in it that need filled in.” Darcy lowered her head. Then she raised it again and implored Melissa with her eyes.

“What do I do now? Do I confront my parent’s and demand an explanation?” I feel so lost!”

Melissa usually knew what to say when her friend was upset. How to calm her, but this … this was too much, words escaped her. They sat in silence sipping on their coffee, feeling numb.

After a little while Melissa spoke. “I know things look horrible with this newspaper clipping. Like your fairytale turned into a nightmare, but lets not judge your parent’s too quickly. You know how much they love you. I was always at yoir house because your parent’s were so cool! They deserve a chance to explain.”

Darcy Rose twitched her mouth, bit her lip and rubbed her forehead. “I don’t want to think the worse but seriously, what else could it be? Come down from the clouds my always optimistic friend! The article says I was kidnapped!”

“True … but what if they had a good reason to kidnap you?”

Darcy looked at her friend, and something ignited inside of her. “You mean, maybe the kidnapping was actually a rescue of some sorts?”

“Yes, exactly!” Melissa’s eyes grew brighter now. Darcy sat up straighter with a new sparkle in her eyes.

“Okay Nancy Drew, whats next?”

Melissa laughed, “I need some brain food first. What about pepperoni pizza?”

“Sounds good to me. Lets go find some.” They linked arms and walked out of the coffee shop smiling. No one would have guessed the heavy weight on their shoulders. For a brief moment they were just two friends getting pizza.

Nan held the old teddy in her hands as memories flooded back again. How Darcy had loved the teddy bear. It was in the yard , dropped in the grass when Darcy had disappeared at the tender age of five. Back then Nan had kept it as a memory of the sweet little girl, who had wrapped herself around Nan”s heart.

What Nan had learned yesterday turned her stomach and brought relief as well. She was so glad that her friend Margaret had retired from the police force.

For years Margaret had sealed her lips about anything that had to do with Darcy. Yesterday when Nan called her, she was ready to talk and oh what a story she had told.

The ringing of the doorbell interrupted Nan’s thoughts. Who was here? She rarely got visitors in this deserted neighborhood.

Nan felt like she should pinch herself staring at the young ladies on the porch. Darcy Rose had come back.

“Please don’t turn us away. I need answers.” Darcy said. “This is my friend Melissa. Can we come in?”

Nan opened her door and ushered them inside. There was no time like the present. She closed the door and then realized how she still had the teddy in her hand.

The young ladies were still standing, not quite sure what to do. “Have a seat make yourselves comfortable. This may take awhile. Here Darcy, this trddy bear belonged to you. ”

Darcy took it from Nan, thanking her. She stared at it. Something looked vaguely familiar. She remembered talking to a teddy at night in her dark bedroom. Nighttime had always scared her when she was little. But holding Teddy made her feel safe. Was this really hers ? Could it be her teddy bear from long ago?

**Stay tuned for next week and the conclusion of this series.**

34 thoughts on “Patching the Pieces

  1. You are a cruel, cruel woman, making us wait another full week before letting us hear the ‘rest of the story’! Not, mind you, that I think for one minute that next week’s installment will actually be a ‘conclusion’, since you tend to jump to conclusions about conclusions, but I’m dying to find out who took Darcy and what Nan’s police friend told her!!!! I’m enjoying this story … I still think it could be expanded into at least a novella …

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhh! Yes, I am so cruel! Bawhaha! πŸ˜›
      It will be worth the wait, well I hope so at least and I knew I would hear from you about me saying, “conclusion”, LOL!
      I am glad you are enjoying it, that its holding your interest in spite of the long wait. πŸ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

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