Hot Water

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Tyler was enjoying sitting in the water playing with his boat. He wondered where Ben, his big brother had gone. He was supposed to be watching Tyler, but as soon as they got to the lake he told Tyler to stay. Then Ben walked away. 

Tyler had watched him go, until he disappeared around the tree. He was heading in the same direction as his car, Was he really leaving? Oh, if Mom knew, Ben would be in so much trouble!

Sailing his boat in another circle, Tyler started thinking of how much candy he would ask Ben for this time. It was going to take a lot this time!

Ben had left Tyler alone other times, but this was extra long. This required extra candy and perhaps a new toy as well. A remote sailboat would be cool!

More time passed and Tyler’s stomach started to growl.  He wanted a snack, was Ben ever coming back?

Tyler hoped Ben didn’t stink again when he returned. Other times when being away from Tyler he would come back smelling strong of something weird. A funny kind of smoke.

Made Tyler gag but it did mean more candy too. Tyler never hreathed a word to his mom about the funny smell. Ben always changed clothes before heading back home, and all would be well.

Ben didn’t always leave Tyler. When he wasn’t being a doofus head he was a real fun brother. Taking Tyler on adventures, like fishing and amusement parks and the zoo. Those days were the best. Days when Tyler had Ben all to himself.

Tyler stood up. He was officially bored now. Where was that goofy brother of his? He heard someone coming.

Whirling around to yell at his brother he gulped! It wasn’t Ben heading towards him. It was mom!

“Hi Tyler! Having fun? Where is your brother?”

He bit his lip and didn’t say a word, while looking down.  “Tyler, look at me, where is your brother?” His mom lifted his chin as she spoke.

“Ummm….well…..there was a pirate ship that came and…”

One look at his mom’s face told him that she wasn’t in the mood for one of his wild stories. He better speak fast or he would be in hot water too.

Tyler made a face, what was that awful … Uh Oh! Ben was back and he hadn’t changed clothes. His brother froze when he noticed his mom. The wind blew his funny smoke right to her. Tyler thought her face was as red as a lobster! He almost expected to see smoke rise from her head and was a little disappointed when it didn’t.

“Tyler grt your boat, we are going home. Ben you are coming with us.”

“But my car!”

‘Dad will come get your car, its not like you are going to be needing it anytime soon.” She stared at him so intensely, daring him to raise an objection.”

It was a tense ride home and Tyler was bummed for the “funny smoke smell” had been discovered. No more bribe candy for Tyler. Maybe he would offer Ben one of his Snickers bars. They always made Tyler feel better. By the pale look on Ben’s face he sure needed something!

27 thoughts on “Hot Water

  1. So, is Ben a pyromaniac? Has he been starting fires around the neighborhood? At least he has a brother who doesn’t snitch on him. Snitching siblings are the worst. It’s a good thing Ben hasn’t been going off to smoke marij . . . oh, never mind.

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