This is the conclusion to Mystery in the Snow

Shane debated whether to take the mittens with him or leave them by the mug. If she never returns the police may need to get involved.

What if this very minute she was fighting for her life? Oh, he had to stop watching shows like “48 Hours” and “Forensic Files”!

Looking at the mittens and mug one more time he noted the area where they were and he drove off.

What else was he supposed to do? If there had been blood, he would have easily seen it against the pure, white blanket of snow. He would drive back tomorrow and see if the mittens and mug were still there and watch the news for any report on missing persons.

Shane relaxed by his fireplace after making himself a grilled cheese sandwich and some tomato soup. And tomato soup isn’t tomato soup without some scoops of peanut butter in it. That had been passed down to him by his dear,sweet grandmother.

As he sat in his chair, stroking Shadow, his car he still couldn’t get his mind off the mysterious mittens. What had happened to their owner?

Earlier that mornimg Lizzie had been getting ready to go out on a brisk walk. It had snowed overnight and the snow was all glittery in the sunlight. She loved taking a walk after the first snow, always so beautiful.

She was all ready go but couldn’t find her thermos for her hazelnut coffee. Sipping on coffee as she walked was a must. Being tired of looking she just grabbed her mug, and poured the coffee, being careful not to make it too full.

The cold air hit her in the face as she opened the door. It always took a little bit to adjust, but after walking fast for a bit it didn’t bother her anymore.

While walking she thought about work. Tomorrow would be a busy day of reading manuscript submissions, she needed the time off today.

She was proud of being the boss over Little Acorn Publishers. Things in her life were finally going well.

After walking a little while she stopped to take a break. Leaning up against a fence, she took off her mittens. It was easier holding her hot coffee.

She had only stopped for a few moments when a speeding truck slipped on some ice as it careened around the corner.

Lizzie jumped out of the way just in the nick of time. The truck skidded to a stop and a paniked driver stepped out of the truck.

“Are you okay?’ he asked.

Other than her heart almost jumping out of her body due to fright, she was OK.

She had to admit that her heart may not be beating hard only out of fear. The driver was so handsome. Looked like he had stepped out of a GQ magazine. His sea blue eyes and luxurious hair had her all ferhoodled.

In a daze she tried to keep her head straight. If she acted too daffy he would think she had a concussion.

It wasn’t long before she headed back home dreaming of the truck driver.

When she arrived home and stepped in the door she hung up her coat in the closet. Then she took off …. Her mittens! She had left them in the snow along with her mug! Oh, she had been ferhoodled for sure.

Shane couldn’t forget about the mysterious mittens. He tossed and turned in bed. Finally he got up, he had an idea.

Several months had passed. Spring was in the air. Lizzie was hyper, tonight was another date with Dwain, the truck driver. Who knew that being almost struck by a truck would bring love right to her!

It was with a full heart that she started reading for the day. A manuscript submission popped up in her email. The first one of the day. “The Lost Mittens” by Shane Britner.

39 thoughts on “LoveStruck

  1. I like the surprise ending. But why does Shane have a car named Shadow? And why does he stroke his car? That must be some car. Is it a Lamborghini?

    Also, how does a truck “slip” on the ice? Isn’t slipping reserved for humans? Wouldn’t the truck slide or skid? Or does this truck have feet, and was it jogging down the road?

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