Mystery in the Snow

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The frosty air pierced through his winter coat, making him shiver. Shsne’s wife had bought him a new, thicker winter coat, but he had told her that his old coat was fine. Why spend the money on a new one? Now he regretted taking the coat back to the store. His wife really had known best.

Of all days, why did he need to get a flat tire today! The temperature was a frigid 10 degrees! Ugh! Finally he got the tire on and was anxious to get back into his car, cranking on the heat but then something caught his eye.

Up the road a bit there were mittens lying on a fence post. Nobody would want to be without mittens or gloves in this weather. The mug beside it had a big chunk of ice in it.

Shane’s overactive imagination was at full speed and running. What had made someone leave their mittens and mug and why had they taken them off in the first place?

He looked all arounf the area, not even sure of what he was looking for. Finding some clues would be nice!

Why was this bugging him? He should just go home and forget abou it all.

There had to be a logical explanation he told himself. Now if only he believed that.

So my dear readers do you believe there is a logjcal explanation or is it more mysterious? Share your thoughts below and on Monday you can see how close you were to being right, when you read the conclusion of the story.

27 thoughts on “Mystery in the Snow

  1. Of course there’s a logical explanation. Someone was walking through the snow while drinking a cup of coffee. She spied a strange, old cowbell lying in the snow, so she set her coffee cup on a fence rail, took off her mittens, then picked up this bovine trinket. She shook it a couple of times, ding-ding-ding, and poof! She disappeared.

    That’s my logical explanation.

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  2. There once was a wise woman enjoying some unadulterated black coffee on a brisk winter day. She met a wise man with deep, chestnut, lush, wavy, sensuous hair who also enjoyed dark black coffee. They fell madly in love and she was so taken with him that she forgot her gloves and cup and rushed off with him to have many happy adventures.

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