Trouble Stewing!

This is the continuation to Monday’s post, Making the List

Taking the last sip of coffee he set down his cup and felt himself breathe a little easier. Breakfast had been most satisfying at this small, but impressive diner.

Last night he was exhausted by the time he got to the hotel and he was asleep within minutes. The mattress had wrapped around him in a big bear hug when he got into bed. He didn’t wake up until the rising sun shined through the window.

Gregory waa mentally exhausted, after having broken his engagement with Rosanne. His family had surprisingly been quite supportive. They confessed that they really never had liked her, but were trying really hard to, for his sake.

Everything was swirling in his brain and he needed to get away for a few days. His good friend suggested that he go and visit the town of Bittersweet Creek. He said it was full of friendly people, some a little quirky, but that Gregory would be able to forget all about his troubles while there.

“Good Morning Randy!” Cara greeted Randy, who was sitting in a booth. Gregory watched them talking. He must be a regular customer. Would be kind of nice to live somewhere where everyone knew your name, thought Gregory.

He watched her greet another guy by name, Tippner, who came and sat across from Randy. They both looked troubled. Gregory didn’t mean to eavesdrop but they were close by.

“They are headed this way, they know where I am.”

Tippner reassured him, “Don’t you worry, we will figure out a plan. Those crazy ladies have messed with you for the last time.”

Gregory shook his head, poor guy must have woman trouble too. At least Greg only had one crazy lady to worry about. Lately the idea of becoming a Monk was growing on him.

“Thanks Tippner, I hope you are right but you know Lauren, she is as crazy as a bat with her potions.”

Lauren and potions?? Gregory’s ears perked up, Rosanne had talked about a Lauren before and the love potions she had. He had thought she was silly, thinking potions really worked. But Rosanne insisted tbat they did. Was this the same Lauren? Could it really be?

“I know Lauren”, Tippner said, “Remember her crazy partner in crime had me all tied up before! It is time that they both learn a lesson.”

“I couldn’t agree more and now from what I hear they have a 3rd woman that has joined up with them. I think her name is Rosanne.” Randy replied.

Poor Gregory let out a loud moan, which attracted Cara’s attention.

“Are you alright, sir?” she asked, standing in front of him.

Feeling rattled, he looked at Cara’s concerned face. “I may be. Would you please introduce me to those two gentleman over there. I think we all have something in common.”

In her upbeat, cheerful way she said, “Really? What may that be?”

“Crazy woman!” Gregory rose up to his feet and with a determined look on his face he squared his shoulders and walked over to meet Tippner and Randy.

All Cara could do was stare, unable to speak, holding an empty coffee pot in her hand.

Mason came from the back room and saw the guys deep in conversation. He wondered who the new guy was. Then he noticed Cara and the puddle of coffee at her feet.

He walked over to her with a bemused expression on his face. “Was the floor thirsty?”

“Wh-wh-what?” She looked down and saw that the remainder of the coffee had poured out on the floor.

Oh this was not her week, ahe had burned the toaat yesterday and now this. She wouldn’t hear the end of it from Mason, the big tease.

“Not a word from you!” she said with a hint of redness in her cheeks. Mason stood there feigning innocence.

He put his hands in the air. “Not a word..” and he walked over to the guys. Cara shook her head, she knew her flubs would be mentioned sometime again. Times when she didn’t expect it.

She would quickly clean up the spill for her curiosity was indeed aroused. Questions of hers needed answers, who was Gregory and did he know Lauren too? Just wait til she told Sarah about Lauren coming this way. The sleepy town of Bittersweet Creek appeared to be headed for some excitement!

(To be continued…)

20 thoughts on “Trouble Stewing!

  1. It’s a good thing Gregory has met Tippner. He knows how to handle black magic women like Lauren and Rosie. He could have escaped any time from that chair he was tied to, but he was trying to lure Lauren into a sense of false confidence. I think Tippner’s next move should be to excuse himself from the conversation and get the hell out of there, so he can go far away and contemplate how to deal with this problem.

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  2. It turns out that Mason got his secret hair tonic from a wizard and one of the properties of the hair tonic, aside from accentuating his naturally luxurious and wavy hair, was that it protected him from feminine wiles and the love potions of witches. So, perhaps Mason should share a small amount of his hair tonic with the other men. Though it would be dangerous having so many irresistibly handsome men in one town.

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