Tuesday’s Thoughts!

We could have got 11 inches of snow, but only ended up with ahout 4 inches, before the rest turned to sleet and rain. Now on Thursday they are calling for an arctic blast of 9 degrees!Too COLD! At least I have my coffee, tea and hot cocoa. Stay Warm and I hope you enjoy the quotes today!





This is why I won’t try to go without chocolate that long. Its obviously dangerous!







60 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. My favorite is #6. It’s why I try to avoid criticizing others. Sure as shootin’, I begin to realize that I’m guilty of the same crimes.

    As for #7, the rabbit had the intuition explained in #9. The bear then ate the rabbit.

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  2. I like these…
    4 To my thinking, “Chocolate” should be a food group… like “meat” and “vegetables”. And “Theobromine” should be considered a nutrient… like “Folate” or “Vitamin-C”.
    And 10… Johnny’s going to get rich some day, probably by selling penny stocks and crypto.

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