Making the List

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When she walked into the special Bridal room at the store she knew! As soon as her eyes saw the dress, she knew her search was over. Tbe voices in ber head all screamed in unison. Usually she argues with herself but not today. Today she would walk out of the store with a song in her heart, carrying her dream in her hands.

A hour later Rosanne walked out of the store with the box in her hands. It may have cost a small fortune, but she was worth it, wasn’t she?.

Of course she was. Her Mom’s voice rang in her ears. Throughout her childhood she had heard, “Spare no expense, only the best will do!”

Confident that she had found the best she hurried home. .

Modeling in front of the full length mirror she lost herself in dreams. Oh, she had to call Dana and invite her over to see THE dress. She just knew this may get her featured in The Top 24 most beautiful Brides!

Holding her breath she certainly hoped she would be chosen. Just think, her, Rosanne Marie, in the top 24 most beautiful brides list. What better goal could there be?

Aa she kept admiring herself in the mirroe, she felt a strange unease. It was rather a little hard to breathe. She hadn’t even zipped up the dress the whole way.

This could be a problem but she would solve it. Going without sugar for a few weeks to lose some weight wouldn’t kill her, she would be fine. Soon the dress would zip up, no problem and Rosanne would freely breathe again.

After twirling around in it a few more times she stopped and looked at her servant girl. “Mary Alice, You may take it off of me now, thank you.”

Just then there was a knock on the door. Mary Alice opened it. “A message for Lady Rosanne” , the servant handed it to Mary Alice, who gave it to Rosanne.

“Meet me in the garden tonight at 7.”the note read. Plain and simple. No words of adoration for her? She tried not to feel the sting, surely Gregory was just busy. He would make up for the plain note, tonight in the privacy of the garden. Heat rose in Rosanne’s face, thinking about the feel of his tantalizing kisses.

It was 7pm and she was waiting in the garden when she saw him coming towards her. She ran to him but stopped ahort, something wasn’t right.

He wasn’t smiling. His eyes were cold and Rosanne started shaking slightly. What was wrong?

“I saw that you added another expense to our account. I thought we had talked about this. What you paid for the dress was outrageous! I hope they accept returns!”

Rosanne’s eyes flared in anger. “Return my dress? THE dress? Are you out of your mind? That dress is going to get me noted in the most prestigious magazine.”

Gregory groaned loudly. “Do you know how many times I have heard about that magazine and your desire to make it on the list? Is that really all that matters to you? He paused, giving her a chance to speak.

“Its the most prestigious list, of course it matters to me. Sheila made it on the list and I look 10x better than she does.”

Gregory rolled his eyes in utter frustration. How could he have been so blind. She was so shallow. Did she even know what it was like to venture into the depths? Had they ever had a deep conversation, one that didn’t center around her?

“I have heard enough! I have let this go too far, but it ends tonight.”

Rosanne reached for him. But he pushed away her hand. “Its over. I am sorry, but you are not the one.”

Rosanne’s stomach did a somerzault, surely he was jesting, but his tone was too serious.”

His deep ocean blue eyes pierced her. “Goodbye Rosanne.” And he turned, and walked away.

“Gregory!” She yelled, but he didn’t turn back. Stunned she stood there watching him walk out of her life.

Well tomorrow was her photo shoot with her dress, and she wouldn’t let him ruin that. Pursing her lips together, she was determined. Who did Gregory think he was. One didn’t turn down Lady Rosanne! She would get married.

After some thought a sly smile crept across her face. It was time to call her friend Lauren, she may have a need for her magic potion.

39 thoughts on “Making the List

  1. Good job in creating a villain in Rosanne. Good that Gregory woke up in time. Sounds like more is coming.

    My wife watches that show Say Yes to the Dress. I’ve never watched it, but it seems like all the episodes are essentially the same when I walk by. The bride and her family go through some misery looking, but then they always end up with the right dress in the end. It seems a little cheesy and predictable, but it’s been around, so people are obviously watching.

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  2. So this is how men get sucked into these kinds of marriages. It’s all the fault of magical love potions. I think it’s time for the town of Bittersweet Creek to go on a witch hunt, and rid themselves of the women who entrap men this way.

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