Crazy laws, Elephants Reunited, Beware of Platypuses


What a good-hearted principal.


Ooh my heart!


Always helps to have a boost up


Not exactly an animal that gives warm fuzzies.


So marshmallows are healthy, well that may be stretching it. But they serve a purpose besides just being a sweet, sugary treat that I enjoy.


Aren’t they too cute! My daughter wants one.

63 thoughts on “Crazy laws, Elephants Reunited, Beware of Platypuses

  1. those platypus spike feet sound treacherous
    and I doubt marshmallow’s today have any of the marshmallow root or herb – it is likely all corn syrup and a sugar dump –
    I used to have the marshmallow herb – it was dried and I had it mixed with other roots, bark and herbs, – and it had to be soaked for 24 hours before we could brew it into a tea – really good for gut health

    fun post πŸ™‚

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  2. As Prior mentioned, they don’t make marshmallows out of the mallow plant anymore. So your sore throat will not benefit. Just the same, marshmallows are one of my favorite treats. I like them so much that sometimes when I wake up in the morning, my pillow has holes in it.

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  3. Sorry about the long comment… the elephant brought back some memories. I lived not far from the “Mae Sa Elephant Camp” when I was in northern Thailand. It was a working camp at the time, but just starting to become a place for tourists. The elephants are amazing animals. I understand that the whole camp was sold off during Covid to a wealthy Thai woman who paid-off all of the mahouts, and the animals are no longer allowed to be worked at all.

    Mixed feelings, as I know that many of the mahouts saw the elephants as “family”. A mahout whose elephant stepped on a landmine while logging illegally over the Myanmar border refused to abandon the animal. He risked his life, staying for days until other teams could arrive, build a sled, and haul the injured elephant to safety. The elephant was eventually given an artificial leg.
    (Replace the “[DOT]”):

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