Friday’s Super Short Stories!

When you get a spontaneous hug from your adult child…..A mom never outgrows wanting hugs.

When in an antique store and you spy a classic book … having it in a locked case should have been a clue …. How much you ask … One twenty four. … You take it up to the counter and jaw drops when cashier says One hundred twenty four. Oops! Book goes back into case.

Never met in person, but was on our Tv hundreds of times as our children grew … Bob Saget brought love and laughter through Full House … His friends and family knew he loved them because he always told them. Do that..Life is short!

27 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

    • Haha! Yup!
      I am used to shopping at garage sales. LOL!
      I knew it was a old book, I had read it as a child but….I was NOt expecting that price! Apparently it is the very first original version.
      I am thinking of how many possible “old, valuable” books I sold for a quarter!

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      • At that price, I’d be afraid to read the book, for fear I’d tear a page.

        Maybe you should do like my mother and save every book you’ve ever read. That way when you move, your husband and kids can break their backs carrying a ton of books to the U-Haul.

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        • Exactly! It would go behind a glass case.

          Oh gosh! If I saved every book I have read … well I couldn’t do that to my family! Haha! Books are heavy.. I have my special books that I save but others I donate, for I don’t have room and why keep them when I won’t read them again. My Kindle is nice for books not taking up room or hurting your back. πŸ™‚

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          • Kindles are great for saving bookshelf space and reducing the weight of moving boxes. I only wish my mother had a Kindle when I was a kid, because we tended to move once or twice a year.

            She was once married to a man who took matters into his own hands. He put a burn barrel in the back yard, and every night when she wasn’t paying attention, he’d burn a few of her books, that he figured she wouldn’t miss. I even helped him once, much to my delight and glee.

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          • I also bought some old books on Kindle that I enjoyed as a child. They’re pretty cheap, and it is a very easy way to read them again, although some aren’t exactly the same. For example, Heidi was “Adelheid” in the book I read as a child, which made sense of her name, but on Kindle it was translated to Adelaide, and I wouldn’t have had a clue about that as a six-year-old!

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  1. Haha! I wish I could have seen your face. “$124. Uh, I’m a little shy on cash right now.”

    When I taught elementary school, I was the king of hugs, high fives, fist bumps, etc. One little 2nd grader surprised me one day by giving me a chest bump. The whole class started roaring, and if you know the age, they all wanted to do the same thing. That would have been a hard no from my principal, so I had to decline. I’d have a hard time with lack of contact with the kids during Covid, but of course, I would adjust.

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    • I know that his stand up comedy was very different from how he was on Full House. What stood out to me though was how much he let his friends and family know that they were loved. I love hugs but not everyone is a hugger, which I get. I just think its important to express your love to the important people in your life, in whatever way you want.
      Have a great day!

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