Snowy Day Surprises

Tbis is the 2nd part to A Frozen Moment in Time

Joey pulled into the hotel’s parking lot. He was ready for a wonderful night’s sleep. He didn’t even care if the Tv was working, he was going straight to bed.

“Enjoy your stay.”, the clerk handed him his key.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay for another night. A snowstorm is comimg. Supposed to start tonight.”

“I will be fine, I don’t mind driving in snow. My 4 wheel drive can get me through anything. Plus weathermen don’t know what they are talking about half the time. I plan to get a good night’s rest and be back on the road again first thing in the morning. Goodnight” Joey waved his hand and walked onto the elevator.

15 minutes later, he was ready for bed and conked out in a short time.

Joey covered his eyes with his arm. The sunlight was shining directly into his eyes.

Ugh! He should have pulled the curtains last night. What time waa it? Looking at his watch he gaaped. He better get a move on.

Whoa! The weatherman did know what he was talking about the snow was getting deep already and falling faster.

He better get moving fast. Should he stay put? No, he had to go. There was a big project looming over his head that he had to finish. Joey wasted no time im getting ready to leave. Within 30 minutes he was back on the snowy roads.

At least he didn’t have to worry about traffic, not many people were out on the roads. Uh oh, why was there a young lady straight ahead walking on the side of the road.

He pulled off on the side of the road and seeing him she came walking up to him.

“I am so glad someone stopped. My hands are frozen. My name is Elsa and I need a favor.”

Joey turned up the heat full blast and Elsa soon stopped shivering..

“What kind of favor do you need?”

Elsa looked so sad. “I need to find my sister Anna.”

Joey gulped, not exactly the favor he was expecting. Finding a sister? That was a tall order.

Chase was trudging along in the snow, following Anna. He wondered how much longer they would be walking

Anna kept asking him about his skills at jousting and other knightly things. He kept trying to distract her, but to no avail.

“Well I really don’t like to brag … but…!

Giving Chase an impulsive hug and her saying how he gives her hope now, made him feel sick in the stomach.

How would he correct this?

“Oooh Nooo, this couldn’t be happening but it was. Joey’s truck had gone its last mile. It konked out and Joey pulled off on the side of the road right before it died.

Now what were they going to do. He had blankets but they would still be cold. He called for roadside assistance, he would see how long it got them to get here.

Chase couldn’t have heard right. “Let me get this straight, I need to challenge someone to a duel in order to get your sister back?”

“Exactly!” replied Anna. “You aren’t afraid are you?”

“Meee .. afraid? Knights aren’t afraid of anything. “

Anna clapped her hands together. “Perfect! So, about the fire breathing dragon….” She looked at Chase intently while talking and saw the color drain from his face. She tried hard to stay conposed.

“As long as you don’t show your fear, it will be OK. Well, and as long as the dragon is in a good mood.”

Chase spit out his black coffee. This was sounding more weird all the time and he was having 2nd thoughts!

Walking a little farther with Chase getting more anxious by the minute, they spotted something.

Chase saw the stranded truck. Did they need help? Anna and him walked closer to the truck and Anna yelled.

Then Elsa flung open the truck door and ran to Anna!

“I thought you had heen kidnapped,” they both said.

Tears mingled with amiles and Chase had to admit that the reunion even made him a little teary eyed.

The girls turmed to the guys and thsnked them profusely! We are going home now.”

“Wait! Isn’t there some magical way that you can send me back home?

Anna laughed. ” You need Betsy and her magical cowbell for that.”

A magical cowbell? Chase realizes that he shouldn’t ask any more questions, these young ladies were a tad crazy!

Roadside assistance made it at last. Joey was glad. They would tow it to the garage.

Watching his truck go away made him realize that he didn’t have a way home. Chase performed a knightly duty by calling a taxi for Joey and one for him. The big cost was worth it. It was freezing! While waiting there would be time for them to compare notes about Elsa and Anma.

“What a day!” Chase said, and Joey empatically agreed.

“Crazy girls!” They actually thought I was a real knight. And Anna believed in a fire breathing dragon. Joey started laughing and Chase joined him. “Like I said, crazy!”

And that was the day that the dragon flying above them got the last laugh.


44 thoughts on “Snowy Day Surprises

  1. I think the moral to this story is, don’t be so stupid as to venture out in a major snowstorm. But if you are that stupid, then the least you can do is try to rescue anyone else who is as stupid as yourself.

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