Love at the Sanctuary

Oh, her heart. The young fawn was looking directly at her. Those eyes!

Lily Ann had a heart for animals eversince she was little. Fortunately her parent’s did as well and they let her have all kinds of different pets when geowing up. Hamsters, parakeets, dogs, turtles and cats.

Her childhood was a large part of what made her choose a career of working in animal sanctuaries.

The new fawn had just come yesterday and she was adorable. Her leg had got caught in a trap and was pretty messed up. Medical care had been given and now it was a matter of time to rest and let it heal.

Lily Ann kept walking through the sancutary checking on the animals. Pedro the eagle with a hurt wing, Rosie the raven who was sick from accidentally ingesting some poison and a hurt tortoise named Chip were their most recent additions. .

“Lily Ann, can you come to the monkey cage please? Tamara asked.

“We need you to look at Mickey., we think he hurt his hand.”

Tamara had worked with Lily Ann from the beginning. A trusted employee.

When they got to Mickey’s cage Lily Ann talked in a soothing voice as she opened the door to walk inside.

Mickey had his back turned to her when she walked in. He had been with them the longest and was so friendly.

“Hey buddy, can I see your hand?”

Mickey turned around and to Lily Ann’s surprise there was a small pink box, with a ribbon around it, between his paws,

“What do you have here? She took the box from him. Which hand again is it that is sore, Tamara?

There was no response and with the way Mickey was jumping around he seemed fine. But what was in the small box, and how did he get it?

“I believe its the left hand.”

Lily Ann turned around. ” Tanner! What are you doing here and why are you….Oh Oh….” She covered her mouth with her hand as her cheeks flushed.

Tanner was down on one knee. “Perhaps you should open the box?”

Her hands trembled as she untied the ribbon and opened it. The diamond sparkled as a million butterflies danced inside of her and she felt like the glow from her heart was evident to all.

Gently taking the ring from the box Tanner slipped it on her finger. “Lily Ann, you are the love of my life. Will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?”

Her glowing heart shined through her eyes. “Yes!”

A cheer rose from the employees that had gathered around as Tanner and Lily Ann embraced. Then Lily Ann let out a startled yell.


He had jumped up on her shoulder. Lily Ann laughed. “You do realize you are also saying yes to living with a houseful of pets too, if you marry me.”

“I do.” He drew her face towards him and kissed her once more.

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