A Frozen Moment in Time

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“In the lane snow is glistening…” He couldn’t help but sing the song as he walked along, in a winter wonderland.

Chase didn’t typically sing out loud, but he was confident that the trees didn’t care how he sounded.

There was something about the stillness of a winter day. The frosty air had a way of clearing his head and helped him let any unpleasant thoughts go.

In a few days he would be heading back home to the land of sunshine. He preferred the sunshine and beaches as opposed to snow, but it always was nice to come and visit family in the winter time. 2 weeks time was enough to give him his fill of snow, satisfying him for another year.

Looking around he felt a touch of extra special magic in the air.

He blinked his eyes, was he seeing right? Was there a girl up ahead? Where had she come from? She was staring right at him, but he was sure that she hadnโ€™t been there just a minute ago!

He called out to her, “Hello Miss, can I help you?” It was odd, there was something strangely familiar about her looks.

When he was standing right in front of her, she spoke. “I really hope you can help me kind sir. Are you a knight?”

He started coughing. That was one question he had never expected to be asked. Was she serious? He studied her hopeful face, she looked serious. Chase felt guilty for having to say No. She was good at this acting game.

“Knight Chase, at your service m’lady” Two could play at this game.

Pure delight radiated from her face. “I knew it, I knew you were the right man for the job as soon as I saw you.”

She sure knew how to make him feel good, too bad that she was acting.

“What is your name m’lady, if I may ask.” He made a swooping bow before her.

She giggled, “You are a most proper knight. My name is Anna and I need help to rescue my sister, Elsa.”

Now not only did she look familiar but where had he heard those names before?

His face was pensive as Anna stared at him, waiting for a reply. Ahh! It came back to bim now. Anna and Elsa, they were sisters in the Frozen movie, His neices had watched it so many times.

A weird sensation stirred inside of him. That movie was only a fairytale, right?

Anna began looking at him a little strangely as she waited. His face kept changing expression.

“You are going to help me Knight Chase, aren’t you, A knight’s word is to be trusted,rigbt?”

Chase tried to shake off his shocked stupor. Of course he would play along, what harm could it do. 2 young girls just playing around. That had to be all it was. He had to let any doubts go.

“Yes, knights always keep their word, let us go, find your sister.”

A relieved Anna smiled and squealed with joy. Oh, why were girls so high pitched? His poor ears.

“0Where is your royal steed?” she asked.

Oops, he tried to think fast. “Oh, she was injured in our last battle, she will be okay, just needs some rest.”

Anna sighed, “it will take longer without a horse but it will give me time to explain things to you. I really wanted to ride a horse, but I guess I will have to let it go.”

Trying to get her mind off the horse he asked her a question, “Would you like to build a snowman?”

She almost looked like she was going to say yes. But then said, “We don’t have time.”

They started walking and Anna turned her head, looking directly at Chase, “You have fought dragons before, correct?

GULP! What exactly had he got himself into?

(To be continued….)

18 thoughts on “A Frozen Moment in Time

  1. Poor guy, he doesn’t realize that Anna is leading him into an ambush. As soon as he tops a ridge, he’s going to be shot full of arrows by a bunch of kids. If that doesn’t kill him, they’re going to burn him at the stake. And if he runs, they’ll chase Chase with a vicious dog that will rip him to shreds. Chase is in a rough neighborhood.

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