The Surprise Pet!

This is the conclusion to The Comeback of Claude! Enjoy!

Claude hopped down the road for awhile, not seeing anyone. He didn’t mind, he was relishing his freedom. Seeing another human was far down on his list of priorities.

Oh, now that looked like a good place to go. Off to his right there waa a garden patch and some jumbo looking carrots. His growling stomach pushed him towards the garden and before he knew it all of the carrots were safely in his belly.

Claude continued on down the road but at a much slower pace now. His stomach felt like it waa going to pop. Perhaps he should have had a little more moderation, but they had been so yummy.

Taking one more step poor Claude fell and he couldn’t get back up. Moaning he curled up into a ball and soon fell fast asleep.

The bell rang, and Cara looked up. She had been sitting down sipping some of her chocolate banana latte. It was the middle of the afternoon and only a few customers were there. The slow time of day and Mason was off, so Cara could be a little lazy.

“Hi Tippner! Surprised to see you, aren’t you usually taking an afternoon siesta at this time?”

Cara stepped back, she had got a close look at Tippner’s face and he was mad!

“There is no way that I can sleep. My carrots are gone! Something ate every single one!”

“Ob No! Those were your prized carrots for the fair.” Cara gave him a sympathetic look.

He was still red in the face as he yelled. This wss suppose to be his winning year, but now all hope was lost!

“I need a strong drink, put 3 lemons in my water please.”

Cara did and brought him a big slice of Shoo-fly pie. “No charge.”

He was able to muster up a Thank you before digging into the pie. But his eyes still sparked fire. Cara felt rather sorry for whatever animal helped himself to the carrots. It would surely behoove them not to come back again!

Feeling groggy, Claude opened his eyes. Instantly he was awake! He shrank back at the sight of dark, brooding eyes looking into his. It was that dang cow again!

A strong surge of energy burst through Claude and he rose up to his full height. No cow would intimidate Claude the 3rd!

Jumping up at him the cow looked at him witb amusement. Betsy was happy to have the chance to get the best of Claude once more. Some rabbits never learn.

After letting him jump for a few times as she moved her head around she took action. She grabbed a little bit of his skin in her teeth, just enough to get a grip. Oh Claude was hopping mad now, his legs were going in the air.

Betsy ran down the road, with Claude between her teeth. Poor Penny didn’t know what to think as she sat in her rocker on the porch, watching all the commotion.

Hmmm….maybe her apple cider, wasn’t just plain cider. She better make sure what she was drinking!

Betsy made it to her destination. With one mighty swing of her head she tossed Claude right into a bush. Claude yelled, but Betsy just walked away smirking. Always fun to have unexpected surprises in the day.

When Mason got home he got out of his car and wondered what he heard. Something was moaning, from out of one of his bushes.

Aww! The poor white rabbit was on his back kicking his legs looking scared.

Mason spoke gently to the rabbit and slowly tried to pick it up. It was shaking like a leaf.

Hmm…Mason was thinking, this white rabbit may make the perfect gift for Amanda. She had mentioned how much she loved bunnies. Taking it inside he decided thats what he would do. How she would love the rabbit and in turn want to show her gratitude to

“Don’t worry little guy. You are going to have a real pleasant, cozy home.”

After finding a blanket and a box, Mason laid him inside of it. Ding dong! Someone was at his door.

“Well Hi Tippner, guess what! You came at the perfect time. Want to meet my new pet?”

46 thoughts on “The Surprise Pet!

  1. Amanda waited eagerly for her surprise. Mason wouldn’t tell her what it was but he said something about “lots of carats”.
    “Oooh, it was going to be a diamond engagement ring!” She thought to herself. She was already practicing how she would say “yes” when she saw Mason driving up.
    “Hmmm, that’s an awfully large box for a ring.” She thought.

    Mason and Claude were not welcome at Amanda’s house for a month after that event.

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