The Comeback of Claude!

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Claude moaned. He might have a fur coat, but he still was anxious for Spring.

It had been a rough year for poor Claude. His whole life had been turned upside down.

Things had been going so well. His plans were coming together. All he needed was that little girl, Molly and he had been so close.

One minute he had almost grabbed her and then some big, crazy cow got in his way. Without warning the cow seemed to have appeared from nowhere!

Claude wasn’t one to give up essily. He had jumped up at the crazy cow, grabbing hold of the shiny bell around his neck.

Then he had been overcome by putple and pink smoke swirling and he found himself in a boy’s lap! What had happened? What kind of magic powers did that cow have?

Claude shuddered when remembering all he went through when at the boy’s house. The boy actually wasn’t too bad but his little sister was another story.

She was always dressing him up and rocking him in some large object. Back and forth, back and forth. He would get so dizzy. It had heen such a relief to escape from their house.

So much for his plans for Molly, who knew where she was now ? But after the experience with the little girl, he was steering clear of humans. Especially girls!

What would he do now? What mission was he on? Claude puffed out his chest, he was a clever rabbit, he would think of something.

In the meantime, while thinking what his next big achievement would be he did have a plan. A plan for a certain crazy cow. No one gets the best of Claude the 3rd.

He was famous among rabbits. He had done great things before. Sadly his reputation had taken a hit, when news got around about a cow making him disappear.

He would show them and be in the spotlight once again. Hmm…what was that sign up ahead. Ahh! His daily eating of carrots was paying off. With his excellent vision he could read the sign “The Town of Bittersweet Creek.”

Claude smiled, he had found his new home.

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