Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy First Tuesday in 2022! If 2022 is already giving you a headache you need to take a moment and go to the Africam website. I mentioned it on Sunday’s post and have been addicted now. Here is a shot of a giraffe drinking out of a river. For something so tall, it bends and walks so gracefully.


Here is a clip of a baby elephant with its Mama, and birds chirping in the background. I need to visit a safari someday. Enjoy, but do remember to read the quotes too. Hope this helps get your year off to a bright start!












46 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. Uh, you don’t “visit” a safari. You “go on” a safari, schtupid.

    I like both Betty White quotes. She was both funny and wise, in my opinion, and I think it’s great that we had her for so long.

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  2. Terrific Tuesday’s Thoughts! #9 brought to mind several crayon quotes, but I will not indulge in that today. More importantly, it reminded me of one of the first books that I read to Benjamin as an infant : “The Crayon Box that Talked” by Shane DeRolf. As a toddler he loved the rhyming words of the story and the colorful illustrations. To this day he can recite the last two pages without reading them from the book, and so can I!
    “We are a box of crayons,
    Each one of us unique.
    But when we get together…
    The picture is complete.”

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