In Between the Pages

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The crystal moon glowed in the sky. Victoria gazed up at the moon, feeling enchantment in the air. She felt like there was a heater inside her filling her soul with warmth, in spite of the frosty air.

On this eve of a New Year promise bubbled up inside of her. This was it. The beginning of her long awaited dream had been put into motion, and anticipation filled her.

Celebrating with friends had been fun but now she better head inside and get some sleep. There was a lot of work ahead of her in the coming weeks.

Ooh that tickled, Victoria drew her shoulder up to her neck. Now something was lightly rubbing the other side of her neck, making her squirm.

Opening her eyes she saw her brother standing there grinning. He was holding a feather in his hand.

She raised her hand to swat at him but he ducked, moving out of reach.

“Thought it was time that you woke up. Or did you want to sleep in the chair all night?”

Victoria looked at the time on the phone. How did it get so late! “How long was I sleeping? There is still so much to do.” A worried frown crossed her face.

“Relax sis! I got it all taken care of.”

Rising from her chair and looking around she saw that he was right. Every book was on the shelf. The kids corner shined with its bright yellow and red furniture. The plump beanbags and the swinging chairs looked cozy. Plush animals were ready and waiting to meet their new friends.

“Thank you!” She gave her brother a hug.

“No problem. There really wasn’t that much to do. Besides I got to hear your deepest secrets. You talked in your sleep about Mark, your boyfriend. Just wait til I see him again.”

Victoria flushed, “i did not, what did I say?”

“My lips are sealed.” This time he didn’t duck in time as a plush bear sailed through the air and hit its target.

After she left the library with her brother they grabbed a bite to eat. Now he had gone home and she found herself once again standing outside, looking into the night sky.

Tomorrow was the Grand Opening, the day had come! Breathing a prayer she asked the question that she had asked herself countless times before.

Would people come to her library? Would it be successful? It was small, but there was something that set it apart from all other libraries. That secret thing she hoped would be enough to bring people to her library and keep them coming back.

4 months had flown by. Her library was a fabulous success! Victoria couldn’t be more happy. Times had changed. Reading always took one to new places in their mind, but now the reader could go to some places for real.

Victoria smiled as the Fleagle couple walked up to the check out desk. Mr. Fleagle held his cane in one hand and his wife’s hand in the other.

Mrs. Fleagle’s eyes were bright. They were such a cute couple.

“Where are you off to today?”

“Its our anniversary and we want to take a boatride on the Blue Danube.”

They handed Victoria a book on “Places to see in Europe.”

She took the book and activated tbe red button. Then she handed it back with a reminder. “Happy Anniversary and remember you need to bring the book back within 2 weeks,before the button no longer works.”

They assured her they would and Victoria watched them walk out the door. She knew she would see them again, they came all the time.

She sighed as she thought about the poor man that she had only seen once. He had checked out the book, “Mysteries of the Deep- The Bermuda Triangle”

25 thoughts on “In Between the Pages

  1. I like the story, especially the way it ended. But this is a strange library. If you check out a book about the moon, will you die from oxygen deprivation? If you pick up an encyclopedia will you be bored to death by a bunch of nerds? Will a cookbook make you fat? You could probably write a book on this theme, although people might hesitate to check it out of a library.

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  2. you’ve found a way to teleport people – excellent!

    I was getting a little concerned with all the things inside Victoria:

    – there was a heater inside her

    – promise bubbled up inside of her

    – anticipation filled her.

    Hopefully, she was able to get everything out of her system…

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