The Bluebird’s Song

This is the conclusion to Thoughts from the Tower

Sherilyn paced the room. There was no way she could stay sitting still. Worrisome thoughts were jumping around like popcorn in her brain. She had to do something, and pacing the floor helped to warm her up

Oh, what was he going to do, a fine mese he got himself into! Poor Sherilyn was probably so confused and scared. He should have tried to explain things to her, but there just wasn’t time.

Sitting at the table in the kitchen, he heard the castle door open.

“Clayton, Clayton, where are you?”

The deep booming of his voice filled Clayton with dread. This wasn’t supposed to happen. He thought he had more time.

But no, his time had run out. He hadn’t paid hie taxes on the Castle and now he would lose it. As much as he hated to lose the castle he was more concerned about Sherilyn.

Jaime was an unscrupulous tax collector and he was here for more than just the castle.

Clayton heard Jaime’s footsteps echo in the hallway. “There you are. How nice to see you, this fine day.” His gloating smile made Clayton look down.

Jaime laughed at the look on Clayton’s face. “Soo are you all packed up? Time is a wasting, and I am ready for my prize.”

An evil smile crossed his face. “Where is she? My bride to be? Remember the fine print, everything in the castle belongs to me!”

“She is not a thing! Just let her go back home, she won’t cause you any problems.”

Jamie’s face got red, “She is mine! I saw her out walking and she caught my eye. Why do you think I came today? So hurry up, finish packing and bring me the girl!”

Meanwhile Sherilyn was trying to remember the song of the bluebird to calm her heart that was getting more frantic by the minute. Why did Clayton lock her in here? He must have some evil motive.

Tears were starting to form in her eyes and she angrily wiped them away. She wouldn’t give into fear.

What was that? What was at her tiny window? Something was pecking….Her eyes got as wide as the ocean. A bluebird was pecking at her window!

It was so fluffed up and pecking so hard. Sherilyn had to open the window. For how else would she be able to hear its song.

“Listen to the song of the bluebird” … the sound of her sweet grandmother’s voice brought a calmness to her spirit.

Upon opening the window the bluebird began to sing. It would sing a little and then start to fly away. Turn around, come back and sing a little, and fly away and then come back. Was the bird beckoning her to follow. That was impossible!

There was no way she could fly after the bird. Could she?

“You better start talking, where did you hide her? I know she is here I watched her come here today.”

Clayton was fumbling with his bags and he pursed his lips together, biting his lips due to his nerves.

The bell rang. Who would be at the castle door now? Clayton was a mess, how was he supposed to welcome anyone to the castle now? Bad timing indeed.

Opening the door he got the shock of his life. It was Sherilyn and some old lady. Both of them wearing radiant smiles.

Clayton was speechless. “How did you? … I am so sorry … I can explain ..

He couldn’t think straight!

Jamie came to the door and he saw the damsel that he wanted to be his. He grabbed Sherilyn’s arm.

“Oh No, you don’t!”

Jaime’s grandmother hit him over the head with her heavy purse. While he was dazed for a few moments, the grandmother confronted Clayton.

“You saved my granddaughter by locking her up, how can I ever thank you?”

Poor Clayton couldn’t make heads or tails of what was transpiring. “I ..I…”

Finally he managed to just get a few words out. “How did you know?”

Ignoring him at first Grandmother handed him a check. “Will this cover your back taxes?”

He was feeling faint. Without saying a word he handed the check to Jamie.

“Why thank you! Looks like Clayton has a hero. I still want the girl though.” “

“Not happenimg!” There was fire in grandmother’s eyes. Sherilyn had never seen her look that way before.

“Take your money and get off this private property in 3 minutes.”

Sherilyn was speechless while watching everything. Jaime sighed, he knew he was beat. He couldn’t mess with someone’s dear, sweet grandmother.

When Jaime was finally gone, Clayton found his voice. “How? How did you know everything? How can I ever thank you for what you did?”

Sherilyn gave him a sunny smile of true joy. “Listen to the song of the bluebird” she said, giving hin a little wink.

28 thoughts on “The Bluebird’s Song

  1. I like the line, “Worrisome thoughts were jumping around like popcorn in her brain.” It presents an amusing visual.

    But I think everyone is on drugs in this story. Sherilyn, while on her acid trip, decided she could follow a bluebird out a high window. Her grandmother, while on meth, decided she was tough enough to beat up a big, strapping young man. Jamie, while on downers, felt intimidated by the purse-wielding granny. And Clayton couldn’t pay his taxes because he’d spent all his money down at the cannabis store.

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