Thoughts from the Tower

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Lost in the sound of the waves, Sherilyn sat at her desk by the window. Contentment filled her. She had finished writing several poems while sitting in this amazing castle. It felt surreal. What better place could there be to gain inspiration.

“Listen to tbe song of the bluebird.” Her grandmother’s words came back to her.

How her grandmother loved birds, especially the bluebird. Sherilyn grew to understand why her grandmother would often repeat that phrase about the bluebird to her. It was her way of telling Sherilyn to follow her heart.

Sherilyn loved her grandmother so much and couldn’t wait to finish this collection of poetry for her.

Her grandmother had always believed in her and her dreams. For this she was truly grateful. She believed in her so much that she had paid for her trip to Ireland! Sherilyn had been so shocked.

Outside walking along the water she may not hear the chipper singing of the bluebird, but she was captivated by the sound of the waves.

Time had passed quickly. She had been outside for 2 hours, enjoying the ocean. Her long hair was blowing in the wind, it would probably be a tangled mess but oh well, she didn’t care. There was noone here that she was trying to impress.

The owner of the castle was a younger guy arounf her age but somewhat strange and then there was the cook and butler. Sherilyn thought there would be more guests at the castle, but she was the only one.

At first she felt uneasy about being the only guest, but the feeling didn’t last long. She didn’t have time to socialize anyway, so it was a good thing that she was alone. No distractions.

She headed back inside. Perhaps she would take a little rest. When she got to her room the bed did look extra inviting. Before she could decide about a nap there was knocking on her door. Who could that be, she wondered.

When she opened her door, the owner of the castle was standing there.

“Good afternoon Miss,” he bowed and Sherilyn smiled.

“Hi! Do you need something?”

Clayton silently stared at her just long enough to make that uncomfortable feeling come back qgain.

“Would you like to see the tower? I was thinking how I didn’t take you there when giving you a tour.

Seeing more of the castle excited her, though there was a feeling in her gut telling her not to go.

Sherilyn pushed her wary feeling down. She was at a castle that she would probably never come to again, she should see everything.

“Sure, lets go!” She replied and Clayton led the way.

In the middle of climbing the steps she was regretting her decision. Her legs were tired from walking the beach. What had she been thinking, she should have came another day.

Finally they made it up to the room in the tower. Stepping into the room she felt a chill. The room was cold and there was only one tiny window to see out of. Well now she saw it, she was ready to go back. Curiosity solved.

Turning around to say something to Clayton she got a shock. He was gone. And that was when she heard the turn of the lock.

A silent dread washed over her like a tsunami. No, it couldn’t be. She ran to the door and tried turning the knob. Her fear was comfirmed. It didn’t turn, she was trapped.

(To be continued. .)

47 thoughts on “Thoughts from the Tower

  1. Yikes, Clayton must be a pervy weirdo. I hope Sherilyn has very long hair that she can toss out the window for some rescuer to climb up. Or maybe she’s an expert freeclimber, who can make her way down the brick surface of the tower, following chinks and cracks in the facade. Or perhaps a bluebird will fly through the window and guide her to an escape route. My fingers are crossed, for Sherilyn.

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  2. Clayton had discovered by reading Sherilyn’s poetry that she was an evil sorceress come to take over the castle and torment the nearby village. He knew he had to act by locking her in the tower as the door had an enchanted lock that could not be undone by the evil magic of Sherilyn.

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