Friday’s Super Short Stories and Music!

Merry Christmas Eve! The folMerry Christmas Eve! The following song is brought to you by my husband … he played it for me and I had to share my groans, I mean laughter, with all of you.

When you hope that Santa’s sleigh makes it to your house in time to put 2 more gifts under the tree!

When you carry the true meaning of Christmas in your heart all year long … not just for a day!

Wishing all of you a Wonderful, Joy-filled Christmas! Thanks for the smiles you bring throughout the year and for reading my posts! Here are 2 more Christmas songs for you that I hope you enjoy!

59 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories and Music!

  1. They say don’t eat the yellow snow, but I say don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it. You never know, someone could have spilled lemonade on the spot.

    We hope you and Brad and the rest of your family have a very nice Christmas.

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  2. We had about 2 inches of snow on the ground this morning but I most assuredly will pass on trying a yellow snowcone! And about those packages arriving on time to land under the tree by Christmas morning…one that I was tracking sat for three days one town over from mine. I could have walked there and back home again in less than 2 hours (were I so inclined, which I was not)! I was greatly relieved and thankful when it was delivered along with today’s regular mail. I dearly love Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton not so much, but they do harmonize well…and she is a generous kind soul. Merry Christmas to You & Yours! Thank-you!

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    • Merry Christmas Ellen! Thanks for the sweet E-card,I replied. 😦
      We haven’t got any snow yet but thats not unusual. We get most of our snow in January and March it seems.
      My one gift came but not the other one. Its Ok, I made a Plan B. Glad your package came and that you didn’t have to walk for it. LOL!
      I do prefer Kenny’s voice over Dolly’s but yes they harmonize so well! And you sre right she is a generous, kind soul!


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