A True Fortune?

One more box to go and then she would finally be finished! Her arms were tired, her back was sore, she needed to schedule a massage after this move was over.

For now she would treat herself to having Chinese food delivered to her door. She may be able to stay up long enough to eat it.

After taking the last bite of General Tso’s chicken she was ready to jump into her bed. Oh, but she hadn’t opened her fortune cookie yet, she couldn’t forget that. Perhaps it would tell her that her lottery ticket was going to be the big winner! Instead she most likely had wasted a few more dollars.

“If your eyes are closed, you may miss your surprise.”

A surprise? Hopefully a good one, maybe she was going to meet a tall, dark and handsome stranger. She laughed, that would be the day, when a fortune cookie would turn out to be real.

For now, the only surprises that she wanted to show up were the ones in her dreams. She was hitting the hay.

Sunlight streamed through the window as Shauna opened her eyes. Glancing at the clock beside her bed she did a double take. 9am already! When was the last time she had slept that late these past couple weeks?

Jumping out of bed she started the coffee and hopped in the shower. Oooh it was freezing again! Well, she was awake now.

Another plus for moving, hot showers again. Not depending anymore on landlords fixing the water heater. She was moving into her own house!

Once she was surrounded by boxes needing packed and now the opposite was true. Surrounded by boxes needing unpacked. Ugh!

She wasn’t sure which was worse. All Shauna knew was that when she unpacked the last box that was the last box she wanted to see for a long tme.

It was starting to feel more like home. She had hung a few pictures on the wall, all bare walls drove her crazy.

Tonight she had been invited out to eat out with some friends. Her stomach was beginning to rumble now. She would hop in the shower and be ready soon.

Nooo! Shutting off the water fast she wrapped in a towel and then got her fuzzy robe.

Looked like she would be calling a plumber, she would not get used to cold showers!

Leaving a message with one plumbing company she went out for supper.

The evening out was fun but it did feel good to be home and slip into her warm flannel pj’s. Then she found her latest novel and started to read.

Ding dong! Who would that be. Kind of late for it to be a welcoming neighbor.

She looked out the window and saw a plumber’s company truck in her driveway. Oh wow! The plumber had come tonight and she was in her pajamas! She had never changed so fast in her life

Almost out of breath from rushing, she opened the door.

“Hello…. my name is S ”

Her breath caught in her throat at the sight of him. Tall, dark and handsome!

Hmmm….she wondered if perhaps the faucet at her kitchen sink may spring a leak, once the shower was fixed.

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