Magic in the Snow

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Now that isn’t something you typically find lying in the snow. Celeste was staring at the ruby red slippers . Their shine stood out even more against the pure white snow, looking lovely. The question though was what were they doing lying in the snowy woods?

She stood there looking at them, deciding whether or not to take them. They were stunning and looked to be about her size. They were not doing anyone any good lying in the cold and it was beginning to snow so they would be buried soon. Her decision was made. Smiling, she bent down to pick them up when WHOOSH! a young lady seemed to appear out of nowhere.

“Oh you found them! I am so glad, I sure didn’t want the wicked witch to find them.”

Wicked witch? Puzzlement crossed Celeste’s face. What wicked…?

Her thinking was interrupted by a yapping little black dog and then it struck her. This young lady was Dorothy!

“Dorothy, you are Dorothy?” Celeste’s eyes were brimming with excitement.

Dorothy gave a warm smile. “Yes, I am and my dog Toto. Nice to meet you, and you are …?”

“Celeste, Wow! I can’t believe it! Its actually you. there are so many questions I would love to ask you. Are you on your way back to Oz? What are you doing here, and how did you lose your ruby slippers?”

Dorothy laughed, “Well you see…”

They both turned their head at the same time, hearing a girl yelling and dancing in the snow!

She was twirling about and laughing. Dorothy and Celeste watched in surprise as she made a snow angel.

It wasn’t unusual to make snow angels, but people didn’t make them when wearing a gown! She wasn’t dressed to be out in the snow, what was she doing? She looked like she was dressed to go to another ball.

“This is so wonderful! I can breathe in the fresh, cool air. Being a Princess is hard work. Someone always wants to see you or speak with you. The walls of the castle were closing in on me and having this freedom was just what I needed.

“Umm… excuse me Miss, but are you Cinderella?”

“Guess I can’t fool you. This gown kind of gives it away, doesn’t it. Oh and the glass slippers.”

Celeste laughed, “Yeah, just a little.”

“For just one moment I would like to be able to freeze time and be someone else besides a Princess.”

“but you have servants and …. plus there is Prince Charming!”

Cinderella blushed, “Oh I have no problem with Prince Charming. I just feel suffocated at times by everyone else. I wish it could be just the 2 of us together with no servants at all. I don’t have the luxury of privacy anymore.”

“Well, if you want to complain, you should come to my house. I went to the wonderful land of Oz and did mighty great things. I helped save the munchkins from the Wicked Witch! I was their hero. But here, I am treated not as royally as I expected. I have to take care of all the animals on the farm. When I came back from Oz, our 3 hired hands were gone! Apparently they disappeared shortly after I had that crazy ride in my flying house. What an adventure I had and now I just am plain Dorothy who feeds the hogs and the chickens.”

“Hmmm…. I wonder” Cinderella tapped her chin with her finger and appeared to be in deep concentration.

Reaching down she took off her glass slippers and held them out to Dorothy. “Would you like to trade?”

Dorothy was puzzled. “why?”

“Perhaps if we click our heels together we can trade places. You can go to the castle awhile and I would love to go visit a farm and see the animals.”

Her eyes widened with disbelief. “Are you sure? You are really wanting to try it?” Dorothy asked.

“Couldn’t be more positive.”

Celeste felt like she should speak up. ” Do you all really not see a problem with that plan?”

They looked at her and said in unison, “Nope!”

“Well for starters you do not look alike, so how are you supposed to fool anyone?”

“We don’t need to fool them, I will tell people who I am, no problem.”

“Same here.” Cinderella agreed.

Shaking her head Celeste could only wish them good luck, for they were immensely excited. Beaming from ear to ear, they gave each other a quick hug and then closed their eyes. “One click… Two click… and 3 click!”

They were gone! Celeste didn’t see any trace of them anywhere, they had vanished. Did their plan work? She sure hoped so for their sake. Now she was heading for the comfort of her own home. Her life may not be perfect but she was thankful that she didn’t have the problems that Cinderella and Dorothy had. She only hoped that they hadn’t added to their problems with their crazy plan. How did they know that they would go to each other’s house, who knew where the shoes may have taken them!

27 thoughts on “Magic in the Snow

  1. This sort of reminds me of that TV show where they swap wives. But I guess the good life can be boring if you don’t do something different now and then. Cinderella will probably be bitten by a goat, and Dorothy will realize she has to go on a diet, after she cracks a glass slipper. After about a week, I think they’ll both be ready to return to their old roles.

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    • I had forgot about that show, is it still on? How anyone can actually do that I don’t know! Having fictional characters do it is one thing, but in real life? No thanks!

      Well I see you have an optimistic attitude about it. LOL! I didn’t think about all the gourmet, royal food that Dorothy will get. Poor Cinderella may miss that rich food, but Auntie Em probably cooks well!

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  2. Cinderella now has to worry about the Wicked Witch and Dorothy has to worry about her stepfamily.

    and I’m not sure Walt Disney or Frank Baum would be very happy about any of this. you are messing with the time-space continuum…

    but this does set up the possibility for a few sequels πŸ™‚

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  3. Feels like Part 2 is coming, though you didn’t say that. I was flicking the channels the other night and saw the spinning house. I got quite the laugh, considering how far filmmakers have come with special effects.

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