“Happily Ever After!”

Since all stories need to come to an end this is the conclusion to my post, All Tied Up! Hope you enjoy it. 

Poor Tippner was going batty, not having the faintest idea as to why he was tied to a chair. He was used to being in the dark a lot of times and clueless, but this time he really was taken off guard. That’s it, he thought, No more Mr. Nice guy, he would never deliver any of his bikes again if this is how his customers repaid him! 

Meanwhile Bridget was pacing on the porch and muttering to herself, words that Tippner couldn’t understand. He kept trying to talk to her, but it didn’t do any good, she didn’t speak to him. 

Bridget gasped. Her mind was whirling. Why was Randy’s car coming down the road. He was supposed to be working. He couldn’t just drop in. Especially not now! How was she supposed to explain about Tippner being tied to a chair?

She froze, not knowing what to do, this wasn’t good, not good at all. He pulled into the driveway. As soon as he opened the door, his sheepdog jumped out and came running to see Bridget. He always was an excited dog. Stopping at the chair, he looked at Tippner. Randy’s dog was extra friendly and Bridget guessed what was coming. The dog placed his paws up on Tippner’s knees and began licking his face to greet him. 

“Ugh! Dog slobbers! Get this dog off of me!” Tippner yelled. 

Randy was bewildered. “What is going on Bridget, are you OK? Who is he, should I call the police?” 

Bridget shook her head, growing red in the face. Why couldn’t things ever go like she planned. Lauren would soon be coming, for Bridget had called her to come over earlier. Oh what a mess! 

“Come inside Randy. I will explain everything.” 

Randy looked at Tippner, who was still getting licked by the dog. “Untie me… this lady is…” 

Bridget shut Tippner’s mouth with one chilling look. Randy didn’t miss the look the in Bridget’s eyes and suddenly he was feeling rather uneasy. What was it with the women he fell in love with, were they all psychos? 

“You know, I forgot I left something at my job that I need to go back for.” Randy called his dog. “Come Rascal, time to go home, I mean back to work.”  He almost tripped as he stepped off the porch. Bridget was glaring at him, she couldn’t let him leave. What if he did go to the police? 

“Not so fast! I wouldn’t take one step into that truck if you know what is good for you. Walk slowly back here, and come inside.”

A car squealed on its brakes as it came speeding down the road turning into Bridget’s driveway. it was Lauren. Well things were about to get interesting, Bridget pictured how Lauren’s face would look and she was right, when Lauren stepped out of her car. Her eyes fell on Randy right away. Her face was a mixture of anger, grief and confusion. 

“Randy, what are you doing here?” 

“I was just leaving!” Once again he tried walking away, but this time it was Lauren who grabbed him as he walked by. “Not so fast!” 

Randy was a jumble of nerves. He was so done with women! This was the last straw! 

“Now look, you women can’t forbid me to leave, you don’t have any power over me.” 

Hearing that, Bridget and Lauren both broke into peals of laughter. “If you only knew…” they said in unison.
“Now be a good boy and come back up on the porch.” Lauren kept her hand tightly wrapped around Randy’s arm, practically pinching him, digging her long nails into him, which hurt! 

It was only within a few minutes that Randy was soon tied to a chair as well. Bridget had quickly painted another picture. His poor dog was confused, but thinking it was a game. He proceeded to jump up on Randy and start licking him too. 

Tippner looked at him with eyes of compassion. but didn’t say a word. Bridget’s eyes didn’t look friendly at all. Who knew what she was capable of doing. He still didn’t know how he ended up tied into a chair and then it happened to Randy right before his eyes and he was really confused! Suddenly there was a chair and boom Randy was tied into it automatically. Bridget didn’t tie him in. Tippner had to get away, something was really creepy here, he never had liked magic and that’s what seemed to be happening. How else did one explain it? How much bad magic did they know, that is what sent chills throughout his body. 

Lauren was glaring at Bridget. “What are you doing? Why do you have Randy tied to a chair. Just because you took him from me, doesn’t mean you can hurt him?” 

Took him from her, what was she talking about?

“He isn’t hurt, just tied down, I don’t trust him anymore. Now I have to decide what to do with him. Here have some lemonade and I will explain everything to you.” Bridget handed her a glass. 

Randy’s mouth was feeling quite dry with his nerves being so high, he wished he could have a drink. 

Decide what to do with me? Randy began sweating, even though it was a cool day. 

“Well who is the other guy? What are you doing, making a collection?” 

“He is my bait.” Bridget smugly replied. 

Bait! There was that word again, it increased Tippner’s anxiety. 

“I am offering him as a gift to you. If you promise to stop plotting revenge on me, he is all yours!” 

“Hey, don’t I get a say in this!” cried Tippner.

“NO!” the ladies yelled. 

Now it was Randy who looked at Tippner with pity as she walked over to Tippner to inspect him. 

“Hmmm… not bad, he may do.” 

“Umm.. excuse me, if I may say a word?” Tippner said in a quavery voice, for he really didn’t trust these ladies. 

“What is going on? Why do you ladies want us?” 

Lauren bent down to kiss his cheek, and was interrupted by a guy that took the Lauren and Bridget’s breath away! He had pulled into the driveway unnoticed due to all the loud fighting that had been going on between Bridget and Lauren. But oh they sure did notice him now and his luxurious, wavy hair. 

“Set him free! I found my guy!” Lauren said. 

Like that the ropes snapped and Tippner ran as fast as a speeding bullet, grabbing Mason, practically shoving him into the car. RUN! Mason was clueless, but he knew that Tippner was typically a wise guy so he did what he said and sped off. He would ask his questions later. 

Tippner quickly jumped into his truck and took off. But then he thought of poor Randy, still tied up. Could he really leave with a good conscience, not having at least tried to rescue Randy?

Putting his truck in reverse he went back , while forming a quick plot in his head. 

Lauren and Bridget stopped fighting, and ooh were they going at it. Pulling hair, scratching each other’s face. Was starting to look bad. 

“Hello ladies! If I decide to be your man would you let Randy go?” 

They eyed him suspiciously. “You are really going to just agree to it. We don’t need to put you under a spell?” 

“Nope! You don’t have to waste your magic on me.” Tippner felt like there was a bowling ball on his chest, he was so nervous!

Randy burst from the chair. 

Wow! Thought Tippner. It really was magic. They didn’t cut his ropes at all with a knife, the ropes just fell off. As if someone had held a magic spell. 

“Hop in my truck!” Tippner yelled. The dog followed and they both hopped in. Tippner knew he was going to have to make a mad dash for his life. Having watched “The Incredible Hulk” as a child, he secretly was wishing that he was him right now. Lauren and Bridget were on either side of him and held his arms. What was he going to do?

All at once Lauren grabbed at her throat, sinking to the ground. Bridget laughed, it had worked. The lemonade had poisoned her. 

“So, handsome, even if you have little hair, shiny spot is kind of cute. What shall we do?” her seductive smile made him quiver inside. 

With all the strength he could muster, he closed his eyes and pried her hand loose from his arm, then he bolted for his truck, climbed in and he burned rubber as he raced out of the driveway. Never to see Bridget again! 

“Can’t say Thank you enough! So glad to be away from those crazy women! Who knows what I should do now? How can I continue living here with those 2 nutcases?” Randy said. 

“Would you like to work for me at the finest bike store around?” 

Randy smiled, “Tell me more.” 

The population of Bittersweet Creek grew that day and Randy’s dog soon became a favorite of everyone’s, especially Cara, who loved dogs. Tippner got used to his licks and Mason even let him come into the coffee shop at times, when it wasn’t real busy. 

Meanwhile Lauren recovered from the near poisoning and Bridget and her were at it again. Each trying to outdo each other. They made a pact not to hurt each other, but they just kept trying to top each other’s spells. The people of that town had no idea that they were bound by spells of all kinds, but when certain ones would figure it out, they mysteriously disappeared. 




22 thoughts on ““Happily Ever After!”

  1. Tippner may have made a mistake here. That’s extremely rare, but it does happen about once a year or so. Either one of these ladies might have made a good wife for him. First, he didn’t have to romantically pursue them, and waste a pile of money taking them out on dates, because their idea of romance was to tie him to a chair. Also, since they possess magical powers, they could use their magic to get the yardwork done, and other chores, leaving Tippner free to laze about all day. A man could retire early, being married to a witch, and live an easy life. Tippner needs to rethink his priorities.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. fun story, but it doesn’t seem to bring things to closure. Bridget and Lauren are still around and still doing their magic. so if I were Randy or Tippner I would still be very nervous…

    too bad no Hulk powers were put to use…


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