Titanic Survivor, A Baking Powder Love Story, and Charlie Chaplin’s Film about Hitler


One never knows what one may be capable of!


That puts the sweetness into a simple, white powder.


Alpacas protect turkeys, who would have thought. Always like stories of animals looking out for each other.


We can learn so much from children!


I can’t say that I have seen any Charlie Chaplin’s films but this one strikes my interest.
I had to include a fact about Walt Disney, since it is his birthday today. He may have been a tad more famous than me and richer than me, but besides sharing the same birthday we share a favorite song! I always felt touched by this song since hearing it when I was real little. Happy Birthday Walt Disney, and yes he was born a tad more years before me as well!

27 thoughts on “Titanic Survivor, A Baking Powder Love Story, and Charlie Chaplin’s Film about Hitler

  1. I like the Burning Man sculpture. It symbolizes my belief that human communication is one of the most difficult things there is.

    I’ve seen the Chaplin movie. I thought it was pretty good, and he bears a striking resemblance to Hitler. But this reminds me of current American businesses and celebrities who won’t say anything critical of the Chinese. They have a lot of money tied up with that country.

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  2. I’ve often maintained that adults could learn a lot if they paid attention to how young elementary kids worked through their problems. They don’t hold grudges because they just want to be friends with their peers. It really is that simple, and yet adults can go through years of not speaking to family members or friends because of some misunderstanding.

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