All Tied Up!

This is the next part to my story that just keeps going, When the Tables Turn

Things were going great with Randy. They went for long walks in the woods with his dog, played frisbee with it and went to concerts in the park.

It was at tbe point where Bridget barely had to use her magic anymore. He seemed to be truly smitten with her and she couldn’t be happier. The plan to steal him from Lauren had totally worked.

Bridget laughed. Ooob Lauren was mad but Bridget still thought it was kind of funny. Her face had looked like a red tomato when she had stormed into Bridget’s house. She was screaming like one of those howler monkeys.

When she started throwing stuff and making threatening fists to her face is when Bridget may have been a little scared.

She had braced herself for the punch, but it didn’t come. Lauren stood there seething with clenched fists, but they weren’t swinging.

Lauren’s words still echoed in Bridget’s mind.

“I can think of better ways to deal with you. Ways that won’t damage my new manicure. Ways that you would never guess.” Giving a chilling laugh, Lauren had turned around and left.

Time to go home and see if she could find her recipe for the Hate potion. When Randy turned on Bridget than Lauren would be the one laughing.

Bridget knew that she had to do something. Lauren knew a lot more spells than she did! What could she do to change Lauren’s mind about her revenge?

Randy was working today so Bridget would use the time to plot and plan. Surely she would think of something.

Meanwhile in the nearby town of Bittersweet Creek Tippner was getting ready to take a little trip. He didn’t usually deliver new bicycles, they had to come pick them up themselves, but this time he had made an exception.

He had a lady order 2 of his top notch bicycles. Her name was Bridget and what a sweet voice she had. It dripped with honey as she begged him to deliver the bikes today yet. It had been the boost his sales needed. Due to that he was more than happy to make a special delivery. It was just the next town so it wouldn’t take him too long.

Whistling a cheery tune he loaded up the bikes and headed down the road.

Bridget was busy painting. The delivery giy would soon be here and she needed to be ready to set her plan into motion.

While painting a guilty conscience swept over her at times but she kept pushing it away. She didn’t have a choice. In times of battle one had to protect themselves and thats what she was doing. Protecting herself from bitter Lauren.

Hearing a truck coming she peered down the road. Tippner’s Bicycle Shop was on the side of the truck, he was almost here.

Moments later he pulled into her driveway.

“Good Morning Miss! My name is Tippner and I am so glad you chose my bikes. You will not be disappointed, they are the best!”

Bridget shook his hand, batting her eyelashes at him.

He unloaded the bikes and and Bridget showered so much thanks on him that the poor guy wae almost embarrassed.

“Well, have a fabulous time riding your new mountain bikes. Don’t hesitate to call if I can be of any more service to you.

Bridget had to turn away so he didn’t see her wicked smile.

Oh you will be of great service to me, thought Bridget. Great indeed!

“I have a little token of appreciation for you.” They were now sitting on her porch drinking lemonade.

Bridget grabbed the painting, before her nerves left her. “Here you go, I hope you like it.”

No one had given Tippner a painting before, he was impressed. Well at least he was until he took a closer look at it.

The man in the painting eerily looked like him The most eerie part was that rhe guy was tied to a chair. Very strange, why would she paint such a picture?

Whoa! What was happening! Tippner felt himseld being tied up to the chair. Ropes were working their way around him and they were tight!

Bridget was standing there not doing a thing. What was wrong with this crazy woman, why wasn’t she helping him?

As if she heard his thoughts, she apologized. “I really am sorry but I had too! I needed bait!”

“Bait?” Tippner gulped , what had he got himself into? He watched her go back inside and he reached for his phone, it had fallen out of his pocket. Unfortunately it was out of reach. He stretched as much as he could, which wasn’t much. He came so close to getting it, but was just a little short.

(To be continued…)

55 thoughts on “All Tied Up!

  1. Tippner shouldn’t mind being tied to a chair. He’s very lazy, and has no problem sitting around all day. But he’s a little worried about what Bridget is up to. Hopefully his natural charm and good looks will prevail upon her, and she’ll let him go.

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