The Unforgettable Day

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The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky. It was bound to be a fun filled day. Going Christmas shopping with Sarah and then to the spa, what could be better?

Cara turned the sign to closed on the coffee shop. She was eager to finish cleaning up and go meet Sarah so that they could be on their way.

The morning rush hadn’t been too bad , which she was relieved about. Mason had taken the morning off and told her she could close at 10am. Within a half hour she was on her way to Sarah’s.

Cara didn’t even have to get out of the car. Sarah was all ready and waiting to hop into the warm car as soon as she pulled in.

“Did Grayson leave for Mason’s already?”

Sarah rolled her eyes, “Oh yes, they were going out for a big breakfast. Grayson’s alarm went off at 6am! I couldn’t go back to sleep.”

“Don’t worry, you can doze when we get our massages.”

Sarah sighed , “Oooh I can’t wait.”

“Losing that little contest really may not have been too bad. I had to deal with Mason and Tippner being smug, but I can handle them doolally’s.

They wanted a day of peace and quiet to watch the big game with Bard and Grayson so we got the hard burden of going shopping and to the spa! What a shame. I think we were the real winners.”

Sarah laughed. “For sure!”

“Cheers!” They knocked their coffee thermoses together as Sarah pulled up to the Mall.

“Lets go find some deals!” Cara stepped out of the car , just as another car came whizzing by and dumped a cup of soda out the window, splashing some on Cara’s pants.

“Well hopefully thats not a sign of how this day is going to go.”

“The day will be great! I promise. Santa is supposed to be here. Are we too old to give our list to him?” That made Cara smile, as they walked into the mall.

Three hours later they came walking out loaded down with packages.

Cara’s face was shining. “I did it, got practically all my Christmas shopping finished! Even found some coal for Mason and Tippner. I will serve it to them at the coffee shop sometime.”

“Sounds good, Surprise them with it. All that shopping made me hungry. Where should we go to eat? ” Sarah asked.

“What about that little Italian restaurant on the corner, just a few blocks away?”

“Italian it is!”

They headed down the road and Cara’s pbone rang.

“Its Bard, wonder what he wants.”

“Hi dear, whats up? Is the game boring? No, I did not buy out the whole store!”

“Just half of it!” yelled Sarah.

Cara made a face at her, “Don’t listen to her, we are done with our shopping for the day.”

“Where are we going? To The Italian Village, the restaurant we really like. When? We are headed there now, why? Okay. Love you too. Bye.”

Cara had a confused look on her face when she put the phone down. “That was strange. It sounded like he was trying his best not to laugh when he asked me where we were going.”

“Men! You can’t figure them out. He was probably laughing at a stupid commercial. Grayson finds them so funny at times. I prefer to skip them.”

10 minutes later they arrived at the restaurant. It felt good to rest their feet. They browsed the menu for a little and had just given their order when Cara spit out her water!

“Cara what is it? Your face is red!”

Sarah looked behind her and almost dropped her glass.

“Hello ladies! May I have a seat?”

Cara moved over in the booth so he could sit down. “What brings you here Arthur?”

“Oh I was just in town, what a coincidence, eh?” He had a smirk on his face.

Cara pursed her lips. “The guys told you we were here, didn’t they?”

“Well they may have mentioned this restaurant. Julie was visiting her sister again, so I hitched a ride to come see all of you. Anything to get out of that retirement home for a bit.

I was at Mason’s for awhile and then the guys were all so kind to call a taxi and pay for me and here I am. I do like Italian food. Good choice and what is even better is going to the spa, looking forward to that!”

Sarah groaned and Cara muttered under her breath about needing more coal for certain people. Meanwhile Arthur was trying to wave down the waitress.

Cara’s phone rang again. This time it was Mason. “Having fun? I told Arthur to share with you his new hobby. Well gotta go, some important napping to do soon.”

“You. ..” Cara sighed, he had already hung up. .

“Hey, I brought along my Illustrated bird guide, there are all kinds of birds in here. Did you know that teal is not just a color but the name of a duck.”

Throughout the meal he talked about every bird that he knew as Cara and Sarah envisioned in their heads the trouble that the guys would be in when they got home.

It was bad enough that Cara had lost the bird contest, now she had to hear the exact same birds and more be talked about again.

At the spa he kept talking. Fortunately he met an older lady lying next to them as they were getting their facials and he started talking to her.

He was so enraptured that he didn’t notice Sarah and Cara sneak off for their massages.

The massages were heavenly!

When they came back out to the lobby, feeling refreshed, Arthur was there with some of the salon ladies around him.

Cara and Sarah couldn’t help but smile. He was such a charmer. Crazy coot! A little cuckoo, but a good guy.

When they could finally pull him away from the ladies, they were shocked!

“Oh Arthur!”

“Do you like my new look?”

“No comment” , said Cara.

“I wonder what the guys are up to now.”

Cara looked at Arthur, “You mean the turkeys, who knows! They are probably snoring away.”

“Hey Arthur, do you have a picture of the Do-do bird in your book?”

Cara gave a deep sigh, “You just had to get him started again…”

Sarah gave a sly smile, “I wanted to check if the pictures of certain guys were there.”

Cara laughed. “Hey, it just may be.”

Sarah turned on the radio to Christmas music and soon Arthur was singing along. He may not have had the greatest voice but he wasn’t talking!

They all joined in and had a fun ride back home.

Cara took Arthur to meet Julie. It was fun to visit with her for a bit. She had raised her eyebrows at Cara about Arthur’s nails, and was that a blue streak in his hair? Her face made Cara laugh.

“It was quite the day, my friend! Let him tell you all about it.”

Cara was still chuckling, thinking of Julie being clearly ferdoodled about everything.

The next day at work, Mason came in whistling. ” So, how was your day out yesterday?”

“Oooh it was a day that I won’t forget! I saw Santa and guess what, he gave me a gift for you.” She dropped the coal into his hands.

Just then Tippner ran into the coffee shop. “Guess what? I won! I really won! I entered a contest to win a new Bentley and I won it. Want to take a ride Mason?”

“Wow! Yes! Would love to!”

Mason started heading out the door.

“Hey, what about the coffee shop?”

“I am sure its in capable hands with you. See you later.”

“Yeah, we are going to fly like a bird down the highway. How fast do you think I can make the car go? He asked Mason as they walked out the door.

Cara was left standing there, shaking her head in disbelief as 7 customers entered, the morning rush had begun.

23 thoughts on “The Unforgettable Day

  1. I like the idea of Tippner flying like a bird down the highway in his new Bentley. Well-written post. You seem to have touched all the bases.

    Also, I noticed you’ve gone over 1,000 followers. Cara may be having a bad day, but I’ll bet she’s happy about that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I remembered about the Bentley at the last minute. LOL! Glad you enjoyed it. It was a little “painful” to write being that Tippner and Mason had a perfectly good day. Something just didn’t feel right about that! 😉

      Ahh! You are observant. 🙂
      Yes, Cara is happy to know that there are a growing number out there who seem to appreciate her craziness. Apparently I .. I mean she must be doing something right. Or else there are a lot of people just watching and waiting to see when the men jn white coats come for her.

      Liked by 1 person

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