One Winter Morning

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The bright morning sun reflecting off the snow, shined through the window. Rex, the bulldog laid right in the sun’s path, in his cozy bed. Gia was stretched out on the couch with a can of ginger ale within her reach. Munching on her last saltine cracker she groaned. She had places to go today, but it didn’t look like that was going to happen.

Why did she have to feel sick now? Was it the something she ate last night? She rolled over trying to get more comfortable and she knew. Jumping up from the couch, gave Ginger, the cat, a rude awakening. She had been resting comfortably on Gia’s legs. Giving Gia a dirty look, she ran one direction while Gia ran the other.

Moments later Gia returned to the couch muttering and moaning some more to herself. Feeling sick was for the birds. When would it end? She had vomited yesterday morning too, but by evening she had been feeling better. Slept all night and figured that all was well. That was until she got up this morning and started moving around, getting ready for the day.

2 hours later she woke up feeling a little better. Poured herself some tea and looked out the window at the sparkly snow. Spotting the green stems shooting up from the snow, she thought of the new flower seeds she had ordered for the Spring. She was trying to plan ahead, hoping to have a beautiful flower garden this year. She loved when flowers bloomed in the Spring, new life beginning. Oooh No, not again! “Yeow!” In her rush to get to the bathroom she had accidentally stepped on Ginger’s tail.

It was Saturday morning, she had made it through the week. Woke up this morning feeling good enough to make her husband some blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

“Something smells good.” Chad walked into the kitchen, put his arms around her waist and kissed her neck, while she was standing in front of the stove.

Turning her head she gave him a kiss. “Good Morning sleepyhead!”

“Glad to see that you are feeling better. No nausea this morning?”

Gia smiled as she walked over to the table with the pancakes. “Nope, not for now.”

“Do you think it was a stomach bug that you had? Hope I don’t catch it from you. ”

Laughing, Gia said, “Don’t worry you won’t catch it. I made you a special crossword puzzle for today, want to try it?”

“Sure, I can try it before I do the one in the paper. ” Looking at the puzzle that Gia placed in front of him, Chad started working on it.

“This is pretty easy honey, baby bottle, bassinet, bib, baby spoon . baby swing … What’s up with all the answers having to do with …. Wait a minute … ” Gia watched the emotions flit across his face as the truth dawned on him.

“Are you, are we … ??”

Gia’s face was glowing. “Yes … you are going to be a Daddy!”

Later that morning, Gia was standing in front of the window. Chad came up behind her gently massaging her shoulders for a few moments. “Oh, that feels so good. Please, don’t stop!” she told him.

He played with her long hair, running his fingers through it, caressing her neck lightly, making her body tingle.

“Do you have any names in mind for our little one?” she asked.

“Hmm…we have plenty of time to think about that.” he continued playing with her hair.

“Says the man who brought home a horse from your travels far away, a horse who is in our stable, still with no name.”

He slowly started unzipping the back of her dress, kissing it softly, working his way up her neck.

“umm…I.. we… can talk…….” she melted into his arms, as the sun, reflecting off the snow shined through the window.

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