From an Amazing Day to A ….

The breeze felt great as they flew through the air on the back of Dinosauris, the amazing pet dragon. Things were starting to get extremely busy at the North Pole for Santa’s elves, but Santa gave Alabaster and Snowball the day off. He said they deserved it after coming in 1st and 2nd place for the first annual pun contest that Santa held. Santa’s jolly belly was shaking up and down with laughter at their wit. Candy Cane had rolled her eyes so many times and possibly needed an ice pack from .. “smacking her head”.. ! 

“Did you see Candy Cane’s look on her face when she realized that we had a day off work for winning. She may have groaned at a lot of our puns, but we got the last laugh. We have the day off and she doesn’t!” They both laughed. 

“By the way where is Dinosauris flying us to?” 

Snowball shrugged, “Good question! We have all day, so I guess it really doesn’t matter. I am sure wherever we go, it will be a fun adventure. Anything is better than working, right?” 

Alabaster emphatically agreed with that and they hung on as they soared through the azure blue sky. 

A few hours later, Dinosauris started descending which woke Snowball up. 

When Dinosauris landed, they were awestruck by the beauty of where they were. They were in a forest. 

“Wow! Look how green everything is and there are hundreds of gorgeous butterflies.” 

Wide eyed they stared, “Look at all the colorful birds as well. Dinosauris this is the perfect spot, looks like there are hiking trails, and I think I hear a waterfall.” 

Pleased that they liked it, Dinosauris said they could spend the whole day there and he would be back for them in the evening. He was going to fly around some on his own, doing some exploring.

They waved goodbye as he soared up high into the sky and then turned to each other. 

“Which way should we go?” 

“Lets go over that bridge and see what we can find.” Alabaster pointed to a bridge close by. Ducks were swimming in the lake underneath it. They headed for the bridge feeling carefree, making puns, as they walked. 

“Look over at that tree!” Snowball nudged Alabaster. 

“No way! Is that squirrel really pink?” 

“Sure looks pink to me, and I do feel that I know my colors pretty well!” Snowball said with pride. 

One moment the squirrel was looking them right in the eyes and then it was gone in a flash. Scampering up the tree, and out of sight. 

“Why didn’t I bring my camera?” sighed Alabaster. “Now no one will be able to tell by a photo that we really saw one!” 

They crossed the bridge and continued walking.  Alabaster was so focused on looking for more pink squirrels that he didn’t watch his step. SPLAT! He fell face down into some mud. 

Snowball couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of his face when he stood back up. ” Perhaps you should have worn better shoes than flip-flops, maybe than you wouldn’t have tripped. Don’t worry pal, I hear that mud is good for one’s complexion.” 

Groaning Alabaster wiped the mud off as well as he could and walked on. He wouldn’t let it dampen his day, there was still a lot to see. 

Meanwhile in another part of the forest a certain pink squirrel was talking to a fairy. “There are 2 of them, and yes, you were right they are elves. No one else has funny ears like that.” 

The evil fairy rubbed her hands together with glee.  “Perfect! Santa’s elves, how lucky can I be. I am sure they know some magic that they can share with me. Thank you, go set the trap.” she cackled.

Snowball and Alabaster were having a good time exploring when Snowball noticed something up ahead. “Look at that, a giant long tunnel! Want to go in it?” 

“We can’t see the end of it.” Alabaster said, with some concern. 

“Oh no worries, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. So we will just come out into another part of the forest, lets go.” 

Alabaster agreed and into the tunnel they went. 

After walking for a little bit it seemed to be getting darker. “It sure is dark in here! I can barely see you.” Alabaster said. 

“Yeah, a little darker than I thought it would be, let just keep walking, we will be fine.” 

Just as they were beginning to wonder if they would ever get out they saw light up ahead. 

“See I told you! There’s the light, we reached the end.” They walked a little faster, feeling eager to get out of the tunnel. 

Stepping out into the bright light they squinted their eyes and then CLICK! They heard a loud sound, like something clicking shut. Oh No! They had walked into a cage, and some ugly fairy was standing outside of it, grinning quite wickedly at them. “So nice of you guys to come see me.” FLASH! Someone snapped a camera and Snowball and Alabaster were seeing dots in front of their eyes. They heard the evil fairy again. “I like to have pictures of all my victims framed on my wall.”  She gave an eerie cackle and poor Snowball and Alabaster were quivering with fear.  

They heard the evil fairy’s cackling as she walked away. Alabaster tried to offer some reassurance to Snowball. “We just have to try our best to not focus on the negatives.” 

Snowball raised an eyebrow, “Ok! Lets close our eyes and maybe we will forget we are in a cage.” 

After a few seconds they opened their eyes again. Sighing they wondered what fate awaited them. 

(to be continued…) 



19 thoughts on “From an Amazing Day to A ….

  1. I think that the evil fairly will laugh so hard at the jokes and puns that Alabaster and Snowball make, the she will fall off of her evil fairy throne, bump her head, and when she wakes up she will be a good fairy and let them go.

    Candy Cane will accidentally slip while bringing Santa a sticky special pie she makes, spilling it all over Santa and ruining his favorite red suit. This will result in Candy Cane being on the naughty list this year and being sent to the basement to prepare coal for all the other bad kids to get on Christmas.

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