Taking The Leap!

My son gave me permission to share his skydiving video clip with all of you! This Mom was nervous about him skydiving but have to say that my heart was full! Full of gratitude!

Gratitude that he has made it through some real dark times and come out with a renewed zest for life! I think all parents can agree about how much we suffer when our kids are hurting. To see the wind blowing his hair back and his big smile warmed my heart. Enjoy!

46 thoughts on “Taking The Leap!

  1. “Terrifying in a good way” is a great description. I love it. Future writer?

    As a fellow parent, I totally understand the feeling of not liking to see our kids hurting. That is the worst!

    By the way, I’ve never heard the song before, but I loved it. I think I recognize the group (Shinedown). Could you ask your son if I have it correct if you don’t know?

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    • He is good with words. His elementary teachers loved his stories. Most kids wrote a paragraph when having to write a story and then there was Jason’s, 2 pages. LOL! Future writer? Maybe. πŸ™‚

      It is so heartbreaking. You can’t just bandage their boo boo’s and have it disappear with a kiss, like when they were little.

      Glad you liked the song. An appropriate one.


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