Tuesday’s Thoughts

A shout out to my lovely Mom on her birthday today! To the one who taught me the meaning of love. Forever grateful for her. Love you, Mom!

Have a great week and enjoy the quotes! As always, thanks for reading. Not just today but every day. Hope your days are made a little brighter by my posts, if not a little crazier as well.











47 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts

      • Age is irrelevantβ€”at least after age 21. My mother-in-law and father-in-law divorced after 38 years. A few years later, my mother-in-law met a gentleman who would best be called her companion/boyfriend. (It sounds funny saying my 70 something mother-in-law had a boyfriend.) He was quite a character. Our state has this weird law that you have to show ID when you’re buying any product with alcohol in it. He was my mother-in-law’s age. He picked up some cold medicine and went to purchase it. The cashier, who was just doing her job, asked him for his ID. He couldn’t believe she was asking for it and, in his best curmudgeon voice, asked, “What’s wrong? Am I too old?”🀣

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  1. #1 & #4 work best for me today, although I’m not quite sure what “closure” is supposed to be. When someone is mistreated over a long period of time, I don’t see how they can ever forget it. It seems to me that moving on and not dwelling on it much, is about the most “closure” that is possible.

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  2. Love #2 ~ I used to read for hours and hours and hours as a kid (AFTER I finished my homework, of course). I stopped reading for pleasure in law school and for most of the time I practice law ~ too much reading for work. But I’m reading again now JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT!

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