How the Librarians Saved the Day, Bent Necks and Beware of Sweets!

They say the 3rd time is the charm, but I am hoping it is the 2nd. This will be the 2nd time I I try writing this post. The last time when I posted my last fact, everything just disappeared. If it happens again then I think an elf may be inside my computer! 

Now that is a cute boy band!


Yay for the librarians!!


I guess the town could also be called “sore necks”! I don’t have Adidas or Puma.


I would say this wasn’t a very amicable divorce.


Wow! What kind of gifts did he bring them that they trusted him with access to their vaults? I will appreciate you bringing me sweets, but it doesn’t mean I am going to blindly trust you!


I am guessing that the merchant may have fainted with relief when he saw the chicken?

46 thoughts on “How the Librarians Saved the Day, Bent Necks and Beware of Sweets!

  1. #2 When I was a sophomore in HS, three juniors enrolled an imaginary student… “Charlie Spencer”. So many people were in on it that “Charlie” was somehow able to complete all of his assignments for an entire quarter before the school admin figured out that he didn’t exist. The three juniors were expelled for the rest of the year because there was state attendance money involved. When they returned the next year, they started the “Charlie Spencer Memorial Club”. Anyone who joined was given the rank of “Vice President” to put on their college resume.

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  2. Cheers to the librarians
    And love the sore neck for the sneakers HQ town
    And I know PUMA has had a comeback but from being out and about I think adidas beats them hands down – hmmm
    But also don’t have Either brand

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    • From what I read it appears that he let the crook go free! Really hope the crook changed his ways. If caught again I am sure the emperor was not as merciful!
      Haha! Well the gremlins starting a boy band would at least keep them out of trouble on WP. 🙂

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