Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Did you buy candy to hand out for Halloween or did you already end up eating all the candy you bought? Oops! 

I thought I would share a new word with all of you today. I had almost shared it on Sunday’s blog post, though its not really a fact, its just a fun word. Let me know if you can pronounce it. Can you relate to the meaning of the word? I know I can at times.  Enjoy the following quotes and hopefully you can relate to some of them as well! 















58 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. Let’s see, today you put the numbers below the pictures, but the last time, you put the numbers above the pictures. This is why I get so confused. Were you trying to fix the way you do things, only to commit verschlimmbesern?

    That poor ice cream man in #2(?) is going to go broke one day. But at least he’ll have plenty of blue rocks.

    I suppose you’re going to take the advice in #8(?) or #7(?) and say no to any suggestions to standardize your numbering format, without any explanation. So I won’t be like the guy in #6 or #7 and give you a bucket of advice.

    #4 or #5 is for the birds.

    If you’re feeling sad about your numbering system, I’ll take the advice in #9 or #10 and try not to cheer you up.

    Now it’s time for a nap. I hope you won’t be like those women in #3 or #4, and you’ll let me sleep in peace.

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    • Now that our kids are grown we tend to forget about it until right the week of. and I did not eat all the candy yet, believe it or not! We actually don’t get that many trick or treaters so don’t need to buy a lot of candy.


  2. Joy, great quotes and I did not know that German word, but it kind of sounds like it means what it does. I love the last quote the best. Those roots build the foundation of better decisions and behavior, not the branches. Keith

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