The Last Walk

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“It was a dark and stormy night…” his voice was low and deep, as they walked deeper into the eerie woods.

“They didn’t know that they were taking their last steps…if only they would have listened to the foreboding feeling and turned around. Instead each step took them closer to their grave.”

His voice trembled slightly as their steps slowed a little, but they kept moving forward.

” The bridge started to sway, were they about to fall to their doom? Would the earth swallow them up, never to be seen again. ”

“Okay, should I call you Alfred? Are birds going to start flying overhead soon? Sorry, but you aren’t scaring me.  Its not storming, in case you haven’t noticed!”

Just then there was a loud thunderclap and both friends jumped!

“Umm…why are you hanging onto my arm? Didn’t you just say that you were not scared?”

Letting go of his friend’s arm he straightened his shoulders and stood up tall. He wasn’t afraid of a little dark. Tbey took another step and 2 bats came swooping down, making their hair stand on end!.

Now they both were hanging onto each other, as they cautiously stepped forward. The night was darkening and their courage was fading fast.

“Tell ne again why we are out here?”

Taking up his best Alfred Hitchcock imptession, trying to bluff his bravery, he answered his friend.

“We are hunting zombies before they…”

They were grabbed from behind, sacks thrown over their heads!

A raven flew over them. “Nevermore, Nevermore!”

The 2 guys were struck mute with fright, but Mason uttered one phrase, that was heard in muffled tones.

“This sack on my head is totally messing up my luxurious hair!”

Tippner couldn’t answer Mason, for he was overcome by sadness. Sadness as the cold fact dawned on him, and chilled him to the bone. The fact that if he was to die tonight his lips would never again be touched by the sweetness…..of Shoo-fly pie.

44 thoughts on “The Last Walk

  1. Tippner and Mason found themselves in a room sitting tied to chairs, with sacks over their heads. They heard a strange grunting, and the sound of what could have been the clop-clop of devil’s feet upon the hardwood floor. They both shuddered in fear.

    Then they each, in turn, felt a tugging on the sacks that encased their craniums, and the bags were pulled off by nothing else than a big, large cow.

    Betsy stared Tippner deep into his eyes and spoke to him. “Stay away from Shoo-fly pie!” she lowed. Although it’s sweet, it’s also poisonous. Your brain will be infected and decay away until you turn into a zombie.”

    Then she turned her attention to Mason. “And you with the wavy hair. It’s starting to turn gray. You’d better use that hair soon, to attract a woman and get married, before it’s too late. But never marry any woman who would bake Shoo-fly pie for you.”

    Betsy then shook her head, a sparkling cowbell on her neck began tinkling, and–Poof!–she disappeared in a cloud of magical mist. Just then the ropes dropped off of Mason and Tippner, and they were freed.

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