Dating Wisdom

The screen was blank again, but this time Devin didn’t have a knot in his stomach. This time he was on a roll, and the words flowed like a river. He was making steady progress on his thesis.

Brooke was singing along to the radio. A lot had happened in the past 6 months and she couldn’t be happier.

The timer went off and she pulled the fresh, baked Shoo-fly pie out of the oven. Devin would be there for supper at 6 tonight. She would make the beef tenderloin, mash potatoes and gravy closer to the time.

Gratitude filled her heart for the special letter she had received a few months ago.

The letter from her dear friend had turned things around for her. She had given tips to Brooke about how to get Devin’s attention and it was working!

Gone were the days of her standing in the middle of the road. Her friend Cara had been quick to tell her that there were much better ways to attract a guy’s attention.

Brooke had been surprised when Devin had shown up at her house a few days after the bike incident. She was especially surprised that he had brought flowers with him.

The sweet fragrance of the purple hyacinths was so pleasant. He brought them to thank her for bandaging up his knee and to apologize for the way he had abruptly left last time.

When he asked to take Brooke out the next week, ahe had called Cara desperate for her advice on how to keep his attention.

Cara had sent Brooke her recipe for her winning Shoo-fly pie. Brooke had made it and Devin was very impressed.

Among the tips in the letter that Cara had given, one of them was about how to keep a man’s attention while talking. That one had really come in handy. No longer did Devin drift off while she was talking. She kept a tiny, shrill whistle in her hand that she would blow whenever he got a distant look in his eyes.

If Devin was at her house and just had to see the basketball game, there was a  sure fire way to distract him. Her little black dress was in the closet for those times when she needed to stand in front of the tv. If that didn’t work, she just would take a match and set off the smoke alarm.

When out on a date, make sure to order dessert! Life is too short to not order dessert and it helps make the date last longer. Sip your coffee slowly as you gaze into his eyes. Compliment his hair and other fine features and he will never notice you ordering a 2nd dessert.

Cara also had shared with  Brooke how to get the guy to notice your hair, what not to bring up in conversation, and 101 other tips of wisdom.

Brooke was indeed grateful for all the tips had paid off. Devin was wanting to see her practically every night!

Looking at the clock she realized she better run to town before she ran out of time. She  had an appt with her beautician. Anticipation filled her wondering how Devin would like her hair. She was trying another one of Cara’s wise tips.

Devin looked at the time. Soon he would have to get ready for his date with Brooke. He wasn’t only excited about the date but also thrilled that once the date was over he should be able to write the conclusion to his thesis.  “The Fascinating Science Behind How a Woman’s Mind Works!”

34 thoughts on “Dating Wisdom

  1. Dating advice from Cara, huh? She just has to fix people up doesn’t she. I wonder what the new hairdo will look like; probably feathers or something.

    I’m beginning to think that Bard got caught in a bad contrived contact with Cara’s father or something and marrying Cara was his only way out.

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  2. The way to win a man over is to get him to help you with something, so that you can bond over a shared goal. For instance, Brooke can invite Devin over to help her bake the Shoo-fly pie. He can swat the flies and pull the wings off them, while she prepares the pie crusts, etc. This would be very romantic, and the two would find themselves falling deeper and deeper in love, while munching on the crunchy pie.

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