Catching a Husband!

Beads of perspiration were breaking out on Devin’s face. How long had he been staring at the blank screen in front of him?

He kept writing and then deleting. A few lines he would get down and then he would delete them and the blank screen would mock him once more.

The end was in sight , all he had to do was write a Master Thesis and he would graduate with his Master’s degree in Science.

Sighing he smacked his head on his desk. He loved science but writing papers was not for him!

Getting up from his computer chair he decided he needed a break. All his muscles were cramped by sitting so long and being so tense.

Walking outside he hopped on his royal blue bicycle and took off down the road.

He was thankful for back country roads to ride on. The wind at his back pushed him on as he sped up, feeling energized.

Down the hill he flew and … he tried to brake hard. Swerving to miss the girl in the middle of the road, he ended up in a ditch. It had rained the night before so he found himself landing Kerplop in the mud!

Brooke covered her face with her hand and ran over to Devin.

“Are you OK? I couldn’t believe it when I looked up from my phone and saw you swerve into the ditch!”

Devin brushed himself off, wanting to ask if she always walked in the middle of the road.

“I live nearby, why don’t you let me take care of your scraped knee. Its the least I could do.”

Looking down he saw the hole ripped in his jeans and his bloody knee. He would have rather just gone home, but his knee was a mess.

“If you are sure its no trouble.” Devin had always been a polite guy, not wanting to cause trouble.

“No problem at all!”

Devin limped along as he followed Brooke to her house while pushing his bike. She was right about it being close, only 3 houses away.

Brooke was smiling and singing as she doctored him up. She sure seemed to be in a good mood, he thought.

It didn’t take her long. Her smle grew wider at the up close sight of his tan, muscular legs.

After cleaning up his knee, she cheerfully asked, “Can I tempt you with some mouth watering peanut butter fudge?”

Not wanting to be rude he felt like he had no choice. “Sounds like a tasty treat that I can’t resist.”

Brooke gave him an innocent smile.

While cutting a piece of fudge for him, she secretly wondered if this time would be a success. So far she managed to avoid getting hit by unaware bikers and drivers but … Butterflies danced inside her, hoping this would be the one.

Walking over to the table she handed him the plate. “Here is a piece of fudge for you. I hope you like it. So tell me, how would you like….?”

“I am so sorry, but I have to run!” Devin handed back the plate to her. An idea for his dissertation popped into his head and if he didn’t get it down, he was afraid he would lose it!

His knee was sore but he managed to get on his bike and head home.

Brooke sighed,watching him go. Catching a husband sure wasn’t easy! There had to be another way besides standing in the middle of the road.

23 thoughts on “Catching a Husband!

  1. I’m left with several questions:

    1. Why is Brooke staring at her phone in the middle of the road?
    Perhaps she realizes this stand-in-the-middle-of-the-road thing isn’t working, and she needs to get into the 21st century and try online dating.

    2. How did Devin get such tan, muscular legs sitting behind a computer all day?
    I’m not getting the same results, and I want to know what his secret is.

    3. Why hasn’t Brooke caught a husband yet?
    I’m guessing it’s because nobody has leveled with her and told her fudge sucks. Devin didn’t want to hurt her feelings and used the old “I’ve got a dissertation to write” excuse to get out of there.

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    • She realizes now that it hasn’t worked but she is behind the times.

      Devin may sit behind a computer a lot but he also takes long trips on his bike. Especially over the weekends. He has been an avid biker for years. He swims too. You may want to try that. πŸ™‚

      Her fudge is Ok, but she scares guys off.for she asks them right away if they want to date her. She needs to learn a little more about being subtle. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. She is basically a scammer staging accidents but not for insurance money as far as I know, but to trick men into meeting her by injuring them or wrecking their car or bicycle. Seems like a dishonest way to start a relationship. Not to mention using Misery to get a man.

    Liked by 2 people

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