Pictures and Chuckles

“A little more to the left, now a little more to the right …. there, now you got it.”

Nurse Julie hammered in the last nail for the pictures on Arthur’s wall.

Arthur smiled at the one picture of him with Mason and Grayson. He nudged Nurse Julie. “Who is the most handsome between me and my cousins?”He raised his eyebrows waiting for an answer.

“Oh how can those 2 young, handsome fellas have anything over you.”

Arthur puffed out his chest and stood up a little taller.

“After all how can their luxurious, wavy hair compete with your…your…Can you tilt your head a little more, I think I can see my reflection.”

Arthur scowled at Julie’s laughter. Once she stopped laughing Arthur said, “Next time your guy comes to visit I want to have a chat with him. Who is it now, Alex, Tanner, Hal??”

“His name is Curtis but Oh No, you aren’t allowed near him yet. I just started dating him. I am not so sure that would be wise …! Have a good evening Arthur. “

Julie walked out with a smile on her lips knowing she was not going to let Arthur talk to her new guy, if sbe could help it.

Arthur watched her go down the hall, with a smirk on his face. Little did she know he had already talked to her guy the other night. She was distracted by Charlotte and Arthur took the chance to introduce himself. Oooh yes, they had a nice chat. Rubbing his hands together, he thought of their plan. Nurse Julie had no idea what was coming.

He chuckled to himself looking up at the wall of pictures again. He focused on one in particular.

Hanging from the rafters like monkeys in a net. Yeah, the ladies had outdid themselves with that one. They were clever, but no one got the best of Arthur, he somehow would make sure of that.

“Yoo-Hoo! Oh Arthur, are you in there?” There was knocking on his door.

“No,” he.replied, Charlotte opened up the door. “You are such a tease. Why aren’t you dressed?” She gave him a disapproving look.

“I am dressed! I have clothes on you crazy lady!”

“But not clothes for ballroom dancing lessons. We have to be downstairs in 15 minutes so hurry up.”

Arhthur frowned, “But I don’t…” then he saw Charlotte holding up a Cherry Crumb pie, and his mouth began to water.

“I will be ready in a flash.” He started for his room. Maybe sometimes certain people did get the best of him, he thought, pulling his dress shirt and pants out of the closet.

17 thoughts on “Pictures and Chuckles

  1. I understand Arthur’s weakness for pie. But good thing for Charlotte it wasn’t a Shoo-Fly pie. He will probably dance one dance with her, eat his pie, then sneak out the door. He’s a busy man, and can’t bother with much dancing, what with all the pranks he has to pull.

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